About to go on my first Robotrip

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  1. I've seen a lot of people talking about it on here lately so about 15 min ago I picked up a bottle of Robitussin cough gels. I just downed the whole bottle of 20 (300 mg) so there's no turning back now. If I end up staying home I'll keep you updated.
  2. Don't expect too much from it, or you'll be sorely disappointed.

  3. I'm not. I just dont have any bud. But I've done my research and just wanted to try it out. I've done shrooms so I know what good tripping is like.
  4. I tried it once... man it sucked for me.

    I threw up and didn't get any good high from it.

    I'd rather eat shrooms but thats just me. :cool:

    Hopefully you have a good experience.
  5. Tripping on DXM doesn't in any way compare to tripping on shrooms.

    Also, at 300mg it's unlikely that you'll actually trip...but the euphoria and the effect it will have on music is reason enough to use DXM.

  6. That sucks man, smoking bud while robotripping is amazing.
  7. Just a note. You took the Robotussin cough gels. I think the onset for those are anywhere between a hour to two. When it hits you , you'll know. Walking feels AMAZING haha. Next time try to get Zicam Cough Max Spray though. It's like a shot of an outrageously bad tasting liquid. But , it only takes like 20 to 30 minutes to kick in without a tolerance. Very nice stuff indeed. I'm taking 800 mgs (2 Zicams) this Friday and picking up an o. Going to be twistedd.
  8. Never got anything (positive) outta DXM. IMO, not worth it at all. But what's done is done, you'll know soon enough. Try to enjoy whatever you get.
  9. Follow up with a trip report please!
  10. ok its been 2 hours. it wasnt even worth it. i feel kinda disoriented but nothing major. maybe a higher dose next time but i dunno. id rather smoke.
  11. im really itchy now though. ive read that this can occur.
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    ok well i guess thats the sign cuz im def. robotrippin right now. i feel this really weird feeling in my head and its getting hard to walk. lol. i cant stop itching though. still a higher dose would have been better.
  13. I smoked 2 blunts and went to outerspace last night. It definitley increased the effects.
  14. Last time I tried DXM I took 710mg, the most I've tried. Never been so itchy in my life, took antihistamines but it didn't seem to help. Completely ruined the high.
  15. i guess weed is still the best head changer in the world??:smoke:
  16. dxm sucks
    thats the shit that will actually put little worm holes in yo brain
    i almost od'ed on that shit
    and my frends frend actually died from cough medicine

  17. yeah i heard about that.same happen to a friend of mine.maybe a boycott is in order??
  18. I'm assuming you are talking about olney's lesions? In that case, how about you do some research and stop giving out false information. That theory has been disproven a while ago. Your friend's friend must have been stupid and got cough medicine with active ingredients in it other than DXM.

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