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  1. Heya gang,

    This is my second time growing, last year was successful using just the sun and changing seasons to naturally flower my first plant. This year, I wanted to try the actual 12/12 and control when my plants flower. I have a shed in my yard which will be used for my 12 hours darkness.

    My questions are:

    1. Frequency of watering while in flower. How much/how little? I’m using 10 gal smart pots for both plants.

    2. Leaf removal before/during and lower branches removal. Is this recommended or will it place unnecessary stress and shock for the plant? My plants are fairly thick and I just want to make sure as much of it as possible gets sufficient sunlight.

    Pics below

    GSC about 4’ tall

    Sour Diesel, about 4.5’ tall

    Thanks for the help!


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    Hey - that's a nice outdoor area! Looks like it gets a lot of sun - do you live in a hot area?
    Nice plants! That GSC looks thirsty. Are you planning on staying in those size pots? The 10 Gallon smart pots dry out faster. If you aren't transplanting, I believe you'll be watering everyday. If you mulch the top of the soil it will help from the water evaporating faster.
    As far as removing fan leaves and branches - I remove the innermost growth sites on the lower 1/3 of the plants and some of the very smallest branches that won't produce anything worthy of caring for. I don't remove any fan leaves on purpose. If its shading a bud, I'll tuck them in and behind Buffalo Bill style. I personally leave outdoor plants alone for the most part. I do a little LST to open up the plant and get more light penetration, but really outdoors plants are shaped the way they are to maximize the use of sunlight.

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  3. Awesome thanks. I’m in Eugene OR and we’ve had just a crazy hot summer.

    For these guys though, should I just continue to water them as normal during flowering? I do intend on keeping them in those pots just because I’ve got a plant size I’m content with. I have a few others growing that I plan to either put in the ground or move into bigger pots.

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  4. You should definitely be watering more than you have been by the looks of it. As for the amount, I saw someone post the other day that a good rule of thumb is to water with 10% of your pot size. So for a 10 gallon pot, use one gallon water. Seems reasonable. I water my plant in a 15 gal smart pot with two gallons of water pretty much daily, but I'm in Colorado where it is dry and sunny. I'd say start with a gallon at a time as needed and see how they react. You'd be hard pressed to substantially overwater in a smart pot, though.

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  5. @rocketman47

    "Awesome thanks. I’m in Eugene OR and we’ve had just a crazy hot summer.

    For these guys though, should I just continue to water them as normal during flowering? I do intend on keeping them in those pots just because I’ve got a plant size I’m content with. I have a few others growing that I plan to either put in the ground or move into bigger pots".

    I transplant seedlings into 20 Gallon fabric pots - I water on the same schedule from start to beginning of flower. During flower they always get thirstier - and plants your size are gonna be thirsty, especially outdoors in 10 Gallon smart pots! Best of the harvest to you

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  6. To be honest only you are gonna know when to water or how frequent. Lift the pot after watering. Theyre all different. Usually by now people get a pretty good feeling when to water. Dont really change it up. If you defoliate then back off a bit since you're gonna have less mass absorbing less energy from the sun. Always go by weight though. If the plant is drooping then don't add extra water or u can log it up and create environment for fungus to thrive. Instead foliar spray with water or find shading. Yes u can foliar spray during peak heat and direct light, don't worry. Only worry if you're doing it with oils
  7. Water until you have 25% runoff, every time, nutes or not... You can never over water in smart pots. It's the whole point of the fabric.. and I'm in AZ and I dont even water everyday, I do like every 2 days
  8. If you are moving them in/out of the shed by hand twice a day to induce flowering, you will certainly get a feel for when they require watering.

    I take off the yellowing fans....many of which are original/large/early leaves coming right off the main stem. If it isn't yellow...leave it. (It will likely yellow soon as the plant hits flower).

    I also "shave their legs" about a foot up by removing the lower most branches and any yellow leaves that won't receive ample light and take away energy from the top growth. From there I take all of the innermost , small growth shoots coming up each stem....easily 2/3 up the plant. Basically...anything that doesn't terminate to the outside of the plant gets the chop. This minimizes the "larf" and those tiny, light starved nugs that never get very large or very dense. Keep your plant watered well before and after the trim. It WILL look rough and much different than it does now...but you will be amazed how it helps initiate bloom and promotes dense growth up top.

    good luck with the finish
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  9. Water 10% of the gallons of the smart pot typically is the rule of thumb for the larger ones anyway.
    This is my cycle water every day just about.
    2 days feed
    1 day water
    2 days feed
    1 day water
    1 day to let dry out

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  10. Bro! You just answered a question inhale, I noticed the bottom leaves are turning a faint green and I'm wondering wtf! I'm in flowering also, last night inwaa looking and found about 8 mites I individually removed them and then sprayed under the leaves.. is it natural yellow8ng or is it from mites? I'm posting some pics..

    I lollipopped a while back also..

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  11. Thanks! Any chance you have one or two pictures of this done right?

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  12. it's still dark out there or I'd go shoot a couple for you. Check this vid....or search for "lolipoping" cannabis on Google.
  13. Good info here on mites . Q&A with Jorge: White Spots – MarijuanaGrowing.com

    Once you've had them you can spot them early...the stippling on the leaf is the giveaway. Another thing to do....is to spray a fine mist on your plant. If there are mites the webs will collect the mist and reveal themselves.

    If you think you did find mites...get on it NOW. They multiply fast as fuck....and they can reek havoc on yer buds.
    50% rubbing alcohol/50% water sprayed on them will knock them back but it won't eradicate them.

    There is much debate on control of these fuckers. Many try all sorts of home remedies/pyrethin sprays/Mighty Wash/etc....but sadly...the only way I ever got rid of them was by using stronger methods/chems like Avid/Floramite/etc.. (not advised in flower)

    good luck
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    So how’s this looking? Didn’t want to go crazy, but refer to pics in my first post for comparison. I can always trim off more.

    Kinda like giving a mean haircut to my ladies! Sort of fun!


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  15. I think you have the idea. You could still probably take a few inner shoots up high as well...but "good job". Not gonna guarantee your yield will increase but most everything you get will be bag quality and the little crap will be greatly minimized. I usually go back in a few times and remove any new growth that may try to form in the same areas. It just opens things up for that Sun to shine in...

    best of luck on the finish!
  16. I'm in flower so I literally examine each leaf in the morning and at night before dark, I'll grab tweezers(clean) and get to work; I then spray a fine mist on the whole underside of the plant with a neem spray or my organic pesticide spray that yo can use until harvest but I won't be doing that lol hell no but it has pyrethin in it I believe..
  17. Oooiu can still take a lot off if ypur trying to lollipop
  18. Should be bare 1/3-2/3 up with no side chutes either

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  19. Awesome I’ll work on it some more. Bare with me because I’m gonna probably shoot back a few “how are these?” Pics

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  20. Bro your good, better to be pre cautious and ask questions then going at it yourself like I did smh. Did it wayyyyyyyy to early and affected the growth, but you more then good

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