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About to get something new

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HBmonster, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I'm looking for something new instead of my pipe and I think it's either a $100-$60 bong or anything lower then that for a steamroller maybe.

    All the steamrollers below $60 are pretty good in quality and size and the bongs I can afford are probably just a slight step down as far as quality but the bongs are still something I'm considering more.

    I wouldnt need to really go anywhere with it just smoke in my backyard but I'm also stuck with bongs shorter then 12'' and I can get any length with a steamroller.

    And no I can't afford anything more expensive right now
  2. Just head down to your local headshop and tell them how much you have to spend they usually hook it up when you tell them what your working with


    Check out grasscity and see if you can find something
  3. check out the online store and find a nice bong with a perc. im not a huge fan of steamrollers because sometimes they can hit pretty harsh.
    have you looked into getting a vaporizer? i got an iolite for 150 and i love it. look into a magic flight launch box also. i believe they sell for around 90 and most people on this site seem to like them a lot. a vape will save you money in the long run plus you can save the vaped weed and make edibles with it

    edit: dont buy a cheap vape under $50. ive heard terrible things about those

  4. I've considered a vape already and have borrowed my friends for a little bit but right now I just prefer the old fashion way..

  5. yeah i know what you mean. the high from smoking definitely is better than a vape high.
  6. In my opinion, you should just go with the bong. Steamrollers hit harsh as fuck

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