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About to get off probation :D

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by khloreen, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Just joined the forums :D. I have been on probation since 10/4/13, I was suppose to have two years, but my probation officer sent off my recommendation for early termination. I hope it gets accepted, because I am ready to toke up. Assuming, that I get off probation, what should I do first? Roll joint? Roll blunt? Buy a bong? I can't wait Its so close I can taste the weed now :D

  2. I also say dab.. you will never feel that kind of high again, enjoy it.

    I did a 3 year felony probation and could not smoke for literally 3 years. When I could smoke, 1 little bowl had me sitting on a bed staring at the TV unable to speak for about a hour.
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    Haven't been around dealers in a while, I will definetly try to find some, how much do they typically cost?
    Also, should I build a tolerance first, before doing a dab?
  4. Do a small dab....:)
  5. Dabs usually means wax, wax can be found from anywhere between 10 to 100 a gram, usually 30 or 40 per gram.

    You need proper tools for wax, can't bic that shit.
  6. I think I would rather just smoke some actual buds.....
  7. Dabs to me mean shatter or live resin...
  8. I don't like shatter as much as the creamier wax...

    Shatter has a good taste, but I find the creamy waxes to have a really earthy flavor.
  9. You would like live resin then....Terpene signatures are unbeatable!
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    Probation ssucks!! I have it atm. :(

    Probation Sucks!

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