About to get hammered by myself...shitty Saturday night

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by bronco, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Damn, shitty saturday night. Couldn't go out cause I've got way to much shit that needs to be filed out before tomorrow night, freinds are either out of state or in the same boat as me, so I couldn't have anyone over. :( Plus I didnt have enough time or cash to go pick up some buds. :(:(:(

    All set now though. Got a bottle of Christian Brothers Brandy (it was a gift), a pack of Kamel Reds, 5 pipes that should all produce some resin, and I rented Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

    Sigh.....it's gonna be a lonely one tonight, boys.
  2. Haha, well zack and miri was pretty hilarious so atleast you have that to look forward too :p
  3. I Get fucekd up alone alot man. Use to it. Alot of my drug abuse is done alone. I prefer it so I don't get bitched at by people. But I'm just drinking some beer and listening to music chilling. Got a pack of 305's for the night as well.
  4. Damm that sucks man.
  5. Kamel Reds are the fire but they're like fuckin $5 a pack

    fuck that
  6. Lol......try $7.50 here.

    Fucking Taxachusetts.
  7. Just get rid of that zack and miri make a porno shit and just get a real porno and fuck your fist all night, sounds fun to me:p
  8. Join the club bro im in the same boat
  9. yea man, i got nothin else to do tonight. my friend was gonna have a party but it doesnt seem promising, so i just ate some shrooms a half hour ago, bout to spark a bowl, and enjoy the rest of my night shroomin, blazin, listenen to and writing music
  10. Sounds like a good night to me:confused:, where you at in new england??
  11. lol yea it should be fun - theyre kickin in now.
    and rhode island
  12. Oh, Masshole myself, always wanted to try shrooms.
  13. I think we have all been here dude, I used to think drinking by yourself was for loners, losers and alcoholics until I had absolutely no weed and nothing to do. I got drunk by myself and ended up having a pretty damn good night.

  14. haa no shit bro i lived in south kingstown,sounds like a hell of a night to me i wish i had some shrooms but i am writeing some shit on my guitar to

    what part of r.i you live in

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