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About to get first piece for apartment.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by High N Geeked, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. So I finally convinced my roommate to smoke with me. And we now want to get a piece for the apartment we stay at. What I'm here to ask is what should our first piece be? Looking to spend 30-40 bucks between the 2 of us.

    Bong? Bubbler?pipe?

    Or should we just stick to home made shit and buy 2 more grams of dank :D
  2. Bong will last you a long time and get you very high.
  3. Every good apartment has a house bong.
  4. IMO get a pipe, cost like 15$ at gas stations, easy to clean, get a good taste of the bud... my personal favorite smoking utensil :cool:
  5. I'd buy a bubbler or a nice glass bowl
    Or bump up your spending cap and get a little bit better bong 120+
  6. [quote name='"aaron1o1"']I'd buy a bubbler or a nice glass bowl
    Or bump up your spending cap and get a little bit better bong 120+[/quote]

    I wish we could up our budget, but we are 2 poor college students having to pay rent >.<
  7. I say definitely choose the house piece over two more grams. In the end you'll be happier with the investment you made. And in your price range I'd go for a heavy duty good quality bowl
  8. [quote name='"Herb Pheonix"']Bong bro..[/quote]

    What type of bong do you suggest for $30? Not sarcastic I'm really curious lol. We're talking the House Bong here, not just any old bong!
  9. Save up and get a bong. It's definitely worth it
  10. Definitively a bong, sir!

    It is the best way to go, though not the healthiest. The healthiest is vaporizer, though I'd say bong is the second most healthy. This is because of the water filtration. Anyways, can't go wrong with a bong. If you can't afford a big one, a smaller one will do. You're friend is a smoking virgin, yeah? So he doesn't need a big one anyways. And you can just take an extra bowl or two! ;)

    Happy smoking bros! :smoke:

    - Serenity
  11. Yes, if your on a budget a bong is defo the way to go and yes you can get a decent glass bong for £30 ish (have a browse on here and search about elsewhere) (i thhink blackleaf has some cool but cheap glass bongs)
    Im sure your not fussed about having a fancy brand named thing for £100+.

    Really the best way to go is a vapouriser but the cheaps ones arnt worth a carrot, so u gonna be spending about £150-£200 & up.

    I think hed be better with a bigger one, they give a smoother hit so its easer for begginers
  12. Whatever you buy, make sure it's sturdy and don't spend too much on it. Shared pieces have short lifespans and the bigger the investment, the more likely someone will hold a grudge after it breaks.
  13. Some dude has been posting in apprentice tokers that he's trying to get rid of his bong...probably real cheap...where is that fella.
  14. Go big or go home! Get either an ill bong or a vape.
  15. Get a bubbler, dude. $40 will be enough for one, and you get the goodness of water filtration.
  16. I think this just posted it...we got t20:ey:

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  17. Both of those pieces for 30 bucks very nice.
  18. 85 bucks

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  19. nice water pipe :p

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