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  1. Alright guys so I've been vegging for two months, all my plants are over 2 feet, in 3-5 gallon containers. Always feed them pH water of 6.0-6.5 their soil is all around the same pH when I test the runoff water. So 2 days ago I swapped them to a 12/12 light cycle. I'm excited but idk if I should've done it. I was cleaning out the area and noticed that a lot of the bottom leaves are dying out. Is it ever normal for the bottom leaves to die out? Maybe cause they're not getting light towards the bottom? Or is it a nitrogen def? The plants look healthy on the tops. Never over water

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  2. Here are some pics of the plants
  3. with a plant that big it's normal to shed off lower useless leaves that don't get light...although impossible to see with the leds on ...I think you'll be just fine...they will end up 3-4 times that size so get ready for that ....need more info to tell you what to expect though ...but I wouldn't worry about a few leaves shedding off the bottom with a plant that big...in fact I'd cut some of that loose shit off myself only keep what's gonna be receiving light....

    good luck and good grows keep us posted

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  4. If you have that fan that close all the time you are causing the lower leaves damage, they will get tough as leather, dry out and die, you want a more gentle breeze IMO my plants sway but not like they are in a wind storm...
  5. They look good and healthy to me.
    Some people "lollipop" their plants by removing the lower leafs and branches.
    Keep doing what you're doing.
    Be sure your 12 hours of dark are totally dark and uninterrupted.
    You'll have fine results.
  6. These are the plants without the LED and the fan is on low settings it doesn't really blow the whole point violently but it does make a shake some. Could they still be causing them some Wind burn? This is my very first grow and the last thing I want to do is kill them while they're flowering

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  7. In the closet I have some clones I took off, they're about 6 Inches tall, some light seeps through the crack, can that interrupt them? I thought to myself "outdoors they get some moon light" but can it actually disturb it?
  8. The indoor rule of thumb is to have your dark period pitch dark and completely uninterrupted to promote good active flowering. Hermaphroditism or slow budding can result from light leaks or "checking on them" during the dark period. doing so can cause the confusing of the plant.
    Yes, outdoors in nature, you will have various degrees of moonlight, but flowering takes longer. Outdoor hermies are rare due to the gradual sunset and sunrise of nature.
    Indoors, you're going from bright light to darkness in an instant. Care needs to be taken in this regard.
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  9. very true...even a small light leak is enough to confuse the branch it's leaking on...creating problems.and male flowers ..PITCH Black ...and no going in There to say hi during the dark period..

    good luck and good grows keep.us posted

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  10. Old growth will die off all throughout the life of the plant. Toward the end of the flower cycle, your plants will go through a big shedding too when it starts to use the sugars stored in the leaves as energy to finish out the buds. So don't think anything when you see big die-off in foliage. You are going to probably have to feed your plants a lot. The 3.5 gallon container isn't very large and the roots will become root bound pretty quick if you've got enough light in there to actually flower all those plants. The better light you have during flower, the better harvest you get but the light needs to be as close to the plants as possible and not hung in the ceiling just to cover them all. If you have to raise your light to cover all your plants, you're flowering too many with that light and you'll end up with tall lanky plants with sparse buds because of the light being too far away and them spending their time stretching instead of making big buds. I didn't see what lighting you're flowering with in the post above, but most try to flower too many plants with not enough light starting out. I did. LOL But you quickly realize that that isn't the way to go about it. You'll always get more at harvest per plant by only flowering what the light can actually handle. LEDs are tough because most are small-bodied fixtures with no reflectivity built into the design and only shine straight down. To get any coverage area you have to raise the lamp and that lessens the effect the light has on the plant. Just something to think about. But happy growing.
  11. The led is a 1000w light, I do also have 1000W HPS. About 10 that I picked up at auction lol. My only problem when I try using that light is the heat. I cannot keep it cool under the plants for the life of me. It gets up to 90+ degrees under the light. Which from what I've read is too much for the plant. I have a whole 15x15 room I can work with but I can't keep it cool enough under the plants. Any tips? If so would it be good with just one 1000w hps or should I be using two?
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    Your plants look healthy, i would still back the fan off a little I have no extra room in the veg room the plant closest to the fan gets a little leaf damage when its really full of plants, nothing majorly detrimental overall but any unhealthy leaves are a signal to bugs "pick me"... the lower leaves always fade away after your plant gets more mature, inside, outside doesnt matter its just part of the plants life cycle, that being said the more issues you are having the larger the area leaves fade.... looks like you are doing her right to me... the best part is yet to come... one word of advice if you have a run that is having issues DO NOT switch to 12-12 until everything is healthy, the beginning of flowering is stressful and will compound any problems they never get better after the flip...
  13. Your plants look very healthy - good job. Based on the color of the light I doubt that 1000w LED actually draws 1000w out of the wall. You're probably losing some bottom leaves because of lack of light. Personally I would lollipop the plants. Good luck.

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