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  1. I've read post and post about drying procedures and it seems like everybody does it different and that if you don't do it their way then it's going to fail. I have 4 autos, one of which is more then ready. As I explained in a post earlier, I am very limited as to where I can dry it at. Well today I made a "make shift" drying area. The temperature will be between 60-75 and the humidity will be 20-30%. Most things I have seen say that the low temps and humidity will dry it slower (which is supposedly better) and will prevent mold problems. The only light that will be around the plant is one small bulb half way across the room and it will only be on a few hours. Does this sound alright? Thanks.
  2. yeah like you said lots of people have their own methods. i dried my 2oz of purple wreck in a cardboard box with several layers of cardboard on the inside. each layer of cardboard + the box had a lot of air holes cut/poked in it. after a couple days into the jar it went, a week after that my share of the weed was gone lol. my cousin saved his for weeks and when i smelled his, it was like a whole different bud it smelled so much better than the un-cured shit i had been smoking all week
  3. I just throw my trimmed buds into a cardboard box and roll em around every 12 hours or so. They usually dry in about 4 days. Any quicker and you lose flavor and get a kinda weird burnt popcorn flavor (IMO of course) . Any slower and there's chances of mold.

    Always make sure to check them shortly after you jar them the first time....even though the buds may feel dry on the outside, there may be moisture still inside the bud that will re moisten them. Check for 'softness' after about 1/2 - 1 hour of jarring. Moist buds in a jar can mold in just a day or 2 of not opening the jar.
  4. You asked this question in a separate thread you started yesterday in this same forum. That's double-posting, against GC rules.

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