About to buy ash catcher please help

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  1. I am about to go buy an ashcatcher for my bong but have no idea if I need a 14mm or an 18 mm. I measure the slider (part that goes in) and it looked to be about 15mm from outside to outside, but I emasured the part that the slider goes in and it was wabout 25mm from outsdie to outside. Please tell me what I need to get.
  2. is it glass on glass?

    or grommet slide?

    if a normal size mechanical pencil or yeller one fits inside it its prob 14. if its got quite a bit of space surrounding its 18 probably..
  3. believe me, it will be easy to tell, the sizes are very different. you can go to your headshop and have no troubles finding out the right size
  4. i dont think the info ur givin us really helps lol cuz wudnt glass thinkness come into play then?

    well just get a ruler and check the diameter of the female? joint on the bong
    if its around 2cm u prob got 18.8


    u can see the picture here lol
  5. I'm on my way to ny now. It's glass on glass.

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