About to buy a vaporiser/vaporizer PLEASE HELP

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  1. Hi friends,
    I'm about to buy a vape and I've done a fair bit of research online, but I still have a few questions that i found it hard to find the answers to. So if anyone can weigh in and give me some of their advice I'd be super appreciative! :smoke:  (I'm planning on buying a Da Buddha Vape  :yummy: )
    I'm buying from the UK, is (http://www.vaporizershop.co.uk/) a good website to use?
    With Da Buddha vape what accessories or consumables will I need to stick up on?
    Can anyone recommend a good place to get a Da Buddha vape in Britain? 

  2. I love mine I've had it for a couple of years and use it daily.  Only things I have needed is another metal pick, and some iso to keep it clean.  I'm Canadian and bought from  Vaporizers.ca 
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    Hey man I'm from Canada so I can't recommend a place to get on in Britain.  I just typed this all out in another thread along with my opinions on a couple other vapes but I copied the SSV part for you. Da Buddha/SSV are pretty much the same. All in all I'm pretty fuckin happy with my SSV as it has served me well but there are other options out there.  I think I would have went with an extreme q if I knew at the time.  2 Main reasons.  digital temp dial and I am too broke to buy all the nice accessories for the SSV. 
    \nA couple nice things about the SSV/DBV that I will point out the Extreme Q doesn't have. The SSV comes with a nice carrying case which although not completely necessary has proved useful on several occasions. Not sure about DBV.  Another nice thing about SSV and DBV is all the nice accessories that they sell.  Bong and dab nail attachments and all sorts of other goodies.  Hand blown glass bits and lots of customize options. Very nice stuff if you can afford it.
    \nIf I were you I would definitely buy a couple extra metal picks and LOTS of screens.  The glass on the end will break off over time but the picks are still good forever if you don't lose em. :p
    \nSSV - The SSV has a lot of pros and cons. It is a complex unit but rewarding once tuned.  Difficult to learn and had resulted in crappy small hits or worse, combustion at times, ESPECIALLY when having friends over for tokes.  I swear I had it for over a year of everyday use till I finally learned where I like to have it dialed in but I had no tips and I was too stones always to realize I could maybe look up on the internet? haha.  I really wish it had a temp dial.  It's finnicky and there are many other factors that can result in crappy hits but once you get it dialed in and properly maintain it gives great vapor hits. First the screen must be kept clean or changed at all times.  Once clogging starts happening combustion can occur. Second your herb can't be ground too finely yet cannot be in too large of chunks. Ideally just how you would want it to roll a nice consistent joint.  It also cannot be really dry.  Large chunks = small hits(too much airflow) and dusted/finely ground = possible combustion(too little airflow). Grind too small will also result in a quickly clogged screen. Even the screen will clog naturally over time (like 1-2 days of all day usage) and it is a must to have a clean screen for a good hit. Third if you puff too slow and you can burn the weed, puff too fast and you can get a crappy small hit. Bust consistency, cleanliness of screen, speed of draw and temperature setting all simultaneously play a role in the quality of toke you get so finding the right balance of all 3 is difficult assuming there is a clean screen.  So once you learn to keep your screen clean and bust your herb to a nice consistency you can either vape low and and slow and have a bit smaller steady hits or you can vape high temp and draw really fast  to prevent combustion and get huge hits or anywhere in between.  You gotta find what's best for you.  
    \nI'm wondering if @[member="Forked Up2"] has shared similar experiences?  Anyways just a few tips for your smoking if you decide to get the DBV.  Cheers!

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