about to buy a Mars II 900

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by nonfiction, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. any reason why I shouldn't? :D
  2. What is your room size, what are you trying to cover?
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  3. 3x3, its my veg tent, got t5s for seeds and clones, 3x3 tent for veg and a 4x4 1000w hps tent for flowering
  4. i have a mars 2 1200 my only complaint is that the fans are a little louder on the mars II then i would of liked but overall they work good for price.
  5. As far as LEDs go, the Mars II are far from the best in quality that are on the market, so you're running a risk by buying a cheaper foreign-made light. However, as the foreign produced LEDs go, I believe these are some of the better ones. I know a lot of people on here use them and there is a specific thread on this forum that is managed by one of their reps, Sara. There are much better quality lights on the market today but with that excellent quality comes a very high price. Not sure why you feel the need to put a large LED in the tent since you've already got the 1000 watt hps light...which is way more than enough to handle that space. I would assume that you have heat issues with the hps. We run 4 of them together in a flower room and they get HOT!! I can't imagine trying to deal with one in a small tent like that. I have seen posts on here that are anti-Mars II lights and then I've seen posts by people who bought them and are happy. So you'll just have to buy that thing and use it and see how it does and let the rest of us know. TWW
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  6. Black dog that could do comparable area was atleast three times the price, I just couldn't justify for an experiment low temp light to get me through summer, but I have placed the order and anxiously waiting for my delivery! I will be keeping a journal, with the seedlings I've started under my t5 stand, I do plan to veg and flower under led to try them out, I will keep as detailed of a journal as possible hopefully I can get some followers to help!

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  7. As far as my 1000w in my tent, it is cool tube with an insane fan and filter so I've really only had one strain that couldn't take the heat, but summer is coming and my in laws so I want to lock my grow room up and not worry that the hps is gonna cook everything :D

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  8. I'm so excited! Thanks!!

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  9. I am going to be purchasing some LEDs here soon for a 3x3 flowering tent and was wondering what you would recommend? I have been looking into Kind, California Lights and G8LED. What are your feelings on these brands and what would be the best set up for a 3x3 tent? Trying to grow 4 plants at a time, hoping to get 3 to 4 oz dry per plant.

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