About to buy a 1000w light, is this a good one?

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  1. I'm about to upgrade to a 1000w light with a dual arc bulb, from my homemade cfl setup. I found a combo pack on for right under $300, which is right at my budget, I dont know the brand, but its a digital ballast, it doesnt have a fan, but its supposed to not need it. Its adjustable(dimmable) from 600w, 750w, 1000w, and Super Lumens. Heres the link:
    1000W 8" Air Cooled Dual Arc Digital Grow Light Package Combo System 1000 Watt | eBay
    Has anyone used one of these?
    Can I run it a 600w with the 1000w dual arc bulb, or do I have to get a 600w bulb?
    How much is it going to increase my electricity bill? I figured about 30 a month during flower and 45 in veg. I run my cfl 24/0 for veg and for my autos, but i figure with this, I only need to do 18/6.
  2. Bro go to amazon way cheaper led whole salers good people 1000 watt kit hps / MH I got my kit for 270 and a fan in my ballist lol check it out
    Dual arch only comes in 1000
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  3. for those adjustable ballasts you can run a bulb at lower wattage but not a lower bulb at higher wattage....

    600w bulb is fine on the 600w setting, 1000w bulb is fine on the 600w setting...but don't put the 600w on the 750 or 1000 setting ;) .also don't switch wattages while the ballast is on.

    I wasn't too impressed with dual spectrum bulbs and I only run the enhanced hps hortis now. (and I'm a cheap mofo!)

    that looks like a decent deal...but I can't speak on the brands. I feel it really important to pay the extra few bucks on the key pieces of equipment. I've skimped in the past only to have to rebuy stuff later and spend far more in the long run...also the piece of mind of having quality equipment can't be beat.
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    Agreed with the dual spectrum statement. I use sunmaster 1000w bulbs they're pretty good
  5. yeh like when i said to myself " nah its cool man, the cool tubes should be efficient for what you need" boy was i wrong.. you get 2 cooltubes within a few feet of each other and you got MAJOR HEAT.. find you a 1000 watt switchable ballast. get your hangers and your timer but make sure you get a good reflector like the yield master 2 or something... i promise if you skimp you will be sorry later..
  6. It looks descents. Remember that you will need a fan to cool the hood. I would change the pulleys, they look cheap and undependable. I run a yeild master hood with 10" fan in a 4x4 room. It stats cool all year long. Just add a speed control for the fan.

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