About to be going on week 5 of Veg. Need help

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  1. Hey guys hope everyone is well today. I come to the city for some help. I plan on with these plants i have now to try for the first time to Clone. I get paid next Thursday and will be going out and getting all the supplies like Gel and a dome and all. I know you want to keep the plant in veg while you take clones to let it heal. My question is do my plants look ok for week 4.25 and ok enough to take clones off of. My plants to me seem short for being so old but I do reamber they shoot up alot during flower. Also i usually put my plants in Flower about 6 weeks into Veg will this be ok or should i let them grow up a little bit? Last question is I want to learn to scrog to. Is it to late in this grow to scrog or is there still time? Thanks guys love the City!

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  2. There is always time. Keep them in 18/6 up to 24 hour light and they will continue to veg.

    Bigger pots will give you a bigger spreading plant. Those are pretty small. As long as the clone has 2 to 3 leaf sets it can be taken.

    Most plants are bigger at 4 weeks, but it all depends. They look healthy. For me, I would continue to veg these. They will double to triple in size once you flip to 12/12 if all goes well. I usually go to 2 1/2' wind up with 5-6 foot plants in my 7'6" tall tent.
  3. The pots are 2 3 gallon and a 5 gallon bucket should I go bigger next time?

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