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about time

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bud stuffer, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. well here it goes, i am getting ready to go out and smoke my own herb, the stuff i put my love and energy into. for this occasion i am going to use my wilderness made pipe and a magnifying glass.

    the next time i am here i will be stoned.
  2. MMMMMM stoned eh!!!! I thought that was one prerequisite to be here NO!!! Shit it's the only way to be here.

    Have fun with your homegrown my friend.
  3. there's no better feeliong than smoking your own hand made out.........Sid
  4. mmmmm... much better. i am so happy with my grow. very stoney and tastes great. the magnifying glass helped too

    my first successful grow as well, makes it all the better.
    my last was male
  5. Im not far behind myself,you make me want to chop my trees down now.
    Cant stand the smell anymore too damb good
  6. fuck fuck fucking mother fuckers

    i had chopped a couple of the lower branches to get what i have now, i got about an 1/8.

    i just found out that someone chopped the rest of my plants and stole them. i had about two ounces still on the plants. just teeming with anger, they were there two days ago when they were supposed to be cut and they were just a bit under so they were let go and they are gone. FUCK
  7. I feel for ya,
    makes ya wanna kill somebody after all that work.
    Anybody know that you had them?
  8. a couple people knew they existed but only one knew where they were, and she didn't steal them.
  9. That sucks big time brother.
    The ol' stumble apon pot plants bites bit time if your the one who grows them.
  10. what really sucks was that there were two there, they didn't even leave a stump. i got a taste though, so if i ever smoke any i know where it came from, i know every one in my area that has access to that strain. i doubt i will ever see it though. man i am pissed, all i have left is about a bowl of the biggest nugget that i picked, which was one of the smallest nuggets. they had better hope i never find them out, especially if it was one of those people who knew they existed. although i don't think it was them.
  11. Dude that really blows bud stuffer.

    Funny that you mentioned the magnifying glass though. I just thought of that idea for the first time the other day. So it actually works, eh?
  12. thats what i would do too, i haven't found any other grows though. such a shitty thing to do, steal a mans hard work and energy like that. but then alot of the people around me are sleeze so it was probably them.
  13. sorry for your loss budstuffer..........that must be the worst feeling around.........all that hard work and then someone who doesn't deserve a bit of it stole it.........anyone who thinks of stealing weed in the future and posts a pic, i'm gonna refer them to this thread, and say......."that's the effect it has on the guy who put time and effort into it!"................Peace out...........Sid

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