About time for a new set-up, have 350$

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  1. Hello GC,
    It has been entirely too long since I added something new to my collection so I am reaching out to gc for some help. I have 350$ max to spend and I want a new bong.

    I have been out of the buying market for quite some time so I am not familiar with any of the new brands or designs that are available. So my questions to you all is what is the best setup I can get with the budget I have. The number one thing I look for in a piece is quality.

    Thanks to all who respond :)
  2. For $350 you could get a sick bubbler, just my opinion though.
  3. 350 is a good amount of change, so ultimately your looking at a broad number of options and possibilities. Are you looking for something more artsy, or for pure function? Also, are you looking for a stemless, or a beaker/straight?
  4. I'm pretty sure your going to hear this from a lot of people but...buy a sovereignty lol. You can get any non worked stemline tube for under 350 on a l t. :smoke:
  5. Kush Scientific does some really cool designs for $300+. i have one of their lower range bongs and it is amazing and blown in Northern California
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    Sweet, $350 is a good amount to work with. You should ask yourself a few questions to start off with

    Do you want to go for funtion only or do you want some aesthetics?

    Are you using it for flowers only or do you plan to smoke concentrates out of it also?

    Single or double chamber?

    Do you want an ashcatcher/precooler or do you just want to spend your money on a tube?

    If you're into aesthetics, it's really up to you to find a piece you love, but if you're going for function I can recommend a tube

    A good single chamber tube that you can use for flowers & concentrates is an EFS Double Gridded donut ($300 w/ a bent neck)

    I own this tube and can say it has some very solid construction, and is very high quality (I've read owner reviews comparing the quality to SG) And the hits are very smooth.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ww1CaLdqzJs]EFS Double Gridded Donut - YouTube[/ame]

    Or if you like regular style tubes with downstems, you could get a nice one with an ashcatcher from Soul Shine Family Glass, possibly with some work on it for $350, their site is Soul Shine Family Glass - Shop and Gallery of Ray Verling

    ^ I have two ashcatchers made by them and one of them has survived two drops onto concrete with only a scuff on the bottom
  7. Worked stemline

  8. I know, but throughout my years of smoking I have always preferred a good bong :bongin:

    I am looking for something with more function than art and if possible I would like to get something stemless.

    I was thinking the same thing, but at the current moment a l t has no sovereignty tubes in stock :(

    I have never heard of them, I will definitely look into it.

    I looked into both efs and soul shine family, I am waiting for them to get back to me about a custom piece. Thanks for the info
  9. Awesome! Glad I could help, SSFG has great customer service, they respond to email pretty quickly.

    Dont forget to +rep people who help :D
  10. 250 on a piece 100 on some fresh buddha

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