About the weirdest subject in the world.

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  1. I'm going to approach this in a way that won't freak anyone out, or at least i'm going to try to.

    Background: I'm just your average dude i guess, in college at the moment and will be finishing up my major within the next year. All of my friends are in college too, including my best friend.

    My best friend is a guy who i can relate with on every level, we crack jokes about stuff that normally other people wouldn't see as funny, we just get along really well, like a best friend would. I've got to say i would sacrifice a lot for our friendship.

    The here and now: He has a younger sister that i've also known for just as long, she's a couple years younger than me, but in many ways she's a lot like him. He's really protective of her, i'd say overly protective.

    Obviously since they're siblings they look like each other, but she has such a rocking body. She has the same kind of chilled out personality and humor, but just as a girl.

    I find her so attractive, in many ways.

    It's such a weird subject, because it's like being attracted to my best friend because they're so much alike, I'm not gay, but it's just too weird.

    Anyone else ever had this happen?

    There was actually a time where we really connected and spent time together, we were both really attracted to each other, and i think we still are. It ended up being too weird i guess, and everyone ended up finding out and it about ruined my friendship with her brother so i just said forget it.

    She has a boyfriend now, and he's cool, but every now and then i'll see her and think of this whole thing.

    Is it weird to be attracted to her knowing that she's so much like her brother? I feel like it's too weird to handle.

    I know that if we were ever to date that we'd connect so well together, because i get along so great with her brother. Which is weird to think about, but they obviously have a lot of the same personality traits.

    I just feel gay as hell saying this stuff about them, but it's kind of big when i'm over there and we see each other, knowing there's so much that could be.

    I know it'll never happen, and i'm not even sure i want it to.

    She's such a fox though :p everything i'd want in a girl, and i know later on after we're both a lot older it'll still be like this.

    Such a weird subject right? Talking about my best friend and his sister like this.

    Any feedback would be nice, other than stuff about it being weird.. :p
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    Just fuck your friend already, or Fuck them both one at a time or a threesome to see who you really like more. :laughing: j/k j/k

    Yeah it's kind of wierd the way it was written. I got a gay vibe as soon as I started reading it.(not that theres anything wrong with that) but seriously if you really like her talk to your buddie.he might be over protective of his sister but maybe because it's you, his bromosexual he won't mind. Better for his best friend to plow his lil sis then some random douche bag. :)
  3. Why is it weird?

  4. What she said ^^

  5. Ahaha! I'm really not, but the way you made it sound...... xD

    We're just really close, but it's more than just sexual when i see her, she makes me smile, i honestly don't know why i made this thread, i don't even want anything to happen with us.

    I kind of like that i get to see her without all the crap i'd hear from everyone.

    You're right about that whole thing about some other douchebag being with her, but he's overly protective so he'd probably feel betrayed if i did that, and that's how things were when i was spending time with her.

    Don't know why you turned it into me being gay though. ^^ if you look past that stereotype it's actually pretty interesting.

    how that works is weird, she's female, beautiful, and i get along with her great, it's just the reason why is the extremely weird part about it.

  6. You like this girl who reminds you of a close, important person in your life thats not weird. and you appreciate them both and don't want to mess up the relationship you all share, you are smart/respectful and a good friend.if you don't want anything to happen between you two, then just sit back and enjoy having at least 2 great friends in your life. But idk there was just something about how you posted it...I couldn't help but take it there, sorry op.:)

  7. Thanks :smoking: this is the kind of response that i wanted to see.
  8. Wow, just read this through again and it definitely sounds like i'm saying i like the guy. I'm not at all into the guy at all, just the girl, his sister.

    Just clearing that up.
  9. dude... you just made it weird

  10. Fuck this thread..
  11. So few posts, so many laughs. I don't think it's really weird but as others said you kind of wrote it weird.
  12. You need to make sure you're not into her just because she reminds you of him. Its not weird it was very nice. Speaking as a sister, our brothers friends are usually the ones we want. Forbidden fruit nukka. Also people break up all the time and never tell him or her what you just wrote. Lol
  13. seems legit

  14. Forbidden fruit :) , i wasn't planning on it.

    Thanks for the response. I don't think that's why i'm into her, we just click on levels that i don't with other people.

    We were smoking the other night, and we just make each other laugh while others we were with weren't.

    I just have a good time with her i guess :p and she's really chill most of the time.

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