About that alcohol lobby funding

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  1. About that alcohol lobby funding
    DrugWarRant / Pete Guither / 09,15,2010

    I'd like to further discuss the earlier post about Alcohol lobby funding the Prop 19 opposition.

    First. I like alcohol. I think that alcohol, used responsibly, just like any other drug, has a wonderful place in our society. Personally, I'm a big fan of Tanqueray and Tonic, as well as a variety of top-notch single-malt scotches. I like a Guinness with fish and chips, and once in a while I enjoy experimenting with craft beers. I have no interest in boycotting alcohol because of who or what they fund.

    Second. I really have no fundamental objection to the alcohol industry funding opposition to marijuana legalization. From their perspective, that's just a good business decision. I don't like it, and it's not good for consumers, but I support their right to do it.
    Here's the important part. Rather than trying to get the alcohol industry to stop funding legalization opposition, we need to spread the word that alcohol funds legalization opposition.

    Here's why… When people see that alcohol is afraid of marijuana, they'll make the connection that marijuana legalization will result in a reduction in alcohol use (and possibly in some of the problems associated with alcohol). This is a positive perception change for us.

    Additionally, they'll start to question what the motivations are for others who fund marijuana opposition, such as the Sheriffs and Narcotics officers.

    Alcohol is a business. They're supposed to make decisions based on the bottom line. Law enforcement, on the other hand, is a service to the people that is required to respond to the public benefit, not bottom line.

    Law enforcement associations have enjoyed an unfair advantage, because most people assume that they are following their legally mandated mission of public service when they talk about an issue. They don't understand that the officers are protecting their own bottom line.

    The alcohol lobby funding is a blessing for us. It allows us to paint the truth in a way that the people may understand:
    Alcohol and Law Enforcement industries naturally oppose legalization because it hurts their revenues.
  2. alcohol is not as much dangerous as we can see the hash and other drugs are and alcohol is also used for medicines and alcoholic drinks are also not much bad for health as compare to drugs

  3. BINGO! there is something wrong when alcohol companies and law enforcement find themselves on the same team. i just hope people will start to see that law enforcemnt that opposes legalization (because some l.e.o.s support it, i.e. LEAP) are really not looking out for our best interest, their protecting theirs. and in my opinion thats breaching their contract with the public to protect and serve. moreover, law enforcement shouldnt support one side or the other in the first place! their suppose to enforce the law whether they believe in it or not, not try to make the laws!

    hopefully norml and the other legalization organizations will spread this information. i know i will do my best to spread it aswell
  4. The people opposing marijuana legalization already think that marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol and tobacco combined. They won't see it as alcohol trying to save profits, they'll think that alcohol is trying to save lives by keeping a dangerous drug illegal.

  5. All the while alcohol companies relish over the profits they will never get again by a fatal drunk driving accident. :wave:
  6. I'm not saying I agree with it. That's just what I think people will see it as. I hope I'm wrong though.

  7. I do too. Nobody could genuinely believe alcohol companies are working towards public safety, unless they actually are.

    You'd think alcohol companies could sympathize, seeing as how they were in this position quite a few decades ago.

    Guess that goes to show, you better be careful when battling the monsters, lest ye become one yourself.

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