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About tea from ur stems...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Xavizard, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Can u save the stems out of your buds and make tea with em?
    My friend allways has a shitload of em cuz his sis does that.
    Never tried tho... Anyone here has?

  2. if i had a bunch of stems i would just make green dragon, i wouldnt fuck with tea. I hear it isnt that great.
  3. green dragon?
  4. Green Dragon is leaves and stems soaked into vodka, then you strain out the the vodka and you have this green vodka that gets you high and stoned.

    Do a search on the forums, theres a guide for it on here.
  5. heh, you mean drunk and stoned, but yeah green dragon is cool. I only use bud when I make cannabutter which is what you'd be doing in the tea.
  6. It gets you high AND stoned!? No way! Haha.
  7. thats the best way to be
  8. Nah man.. I made tea with my stems once.. It just makes you hella relaxed.. GOod to have if you get an anxiety attack though, and I get those sometimes.

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