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  1. im thinking of trying them out for my next veg cycle and was wondering is it a pain to transplant from these pots?

    Does anyone know if the roots grow and intertwine into the bottom of the pots or should these pots be used as the last pot for flowering??

    If their ok to use im going to get some 1 gal pots for veg.

    anyone know whats the cheapest place to get em?
  2. nice thread but i didnt see anyone saying if the roots grow into the pot.im assuming they dont but being the pot looks like a fabric soft material i would think the roots would grow into it
  3. just bougt some...i understand when the roots hit the material they are encouraged to grow back into the medium..there are also airpots that actually prune the roots as they grow...too expensive on this side of the pond though..will be puttin my hashberry in em:smoke:
  4. Smart Pots are pretty easy to transplant with. The roots do not grow into or through the fabric. Transplanting is made easier by the smooth release of the root ball from the pliable fabric. You can roll it down if that works for you.

  5. UTTERLY FALSE sorry .
  6. im confused by your posts :hello:
    r u a troll??

    anyway i think i ll give them a go and see how they work.
  7. Wow... as someone with the "cred" around here you'd think there'd be some civility to you. Smoke better weed homie.

    Small roots can permeate the bottom of a planter that is kept outside on the ground. This can be the case with trees in hundred plus gallon sized planters, or with a plant that is too large for the container it is in. In either case, this is uncommon in an indoor grow.

    The fabric allows air to reach the root system which prunes the roots naturally. This keeps roots from growing into the sides of the planter as well as eliminating root "circling."

    So long as your planters are indoor (assumed, given the time of year in the northern hemisphere) and the bottom of the planter has access to air (lifted occasionally or kept in a corrugated style drain pan) then the roots will be sheared by air and instead grow back into the media.

    In three grows with the planters I've never had the roots grow through the fabric. I start in 1 gallon planters and then I transplant to 3 gallon planters. I grow in coco, and my plants are about 100 to 120 days old at harvest. They spend the final 80 - 90 days in the 3 gallon planters. The root balls are insane.
  8. Im sorry but you are wrong, I dont know what else to say ... I have pictures to PROVE that roots grow into and through the fabric man, If either of you took 25 seconds to search the thread I linked youd see that.

    Master Lights , your a troll, every post you post is trolling....
  9. just read the post russy pointed out...its kinda hard to argue with that...being a proof is in the puddin' guy...also...plus reps russy..on the 1 to 5 transplant idea..killa bro:smoke:
  10. I'm sorry but if you read my post you'd see I was EXTREMELY accurate.
    This whole high horse thing loses its flavor quickly.

    I don't know this poster, but it sounds like an honest question.

    As I've already stated...
    Smart Pots rely on air pruning to halt the spread of roots. If there is something for the roots to grow into then they will most definitely grow through the fabric.

    Russy, I don't see why you have to have this attitude dude. You are right that roots will grow through a planter... If you place it outside on the ground or if you bury it with dirt.

    If the planter is indoors, on a tray, then the roots cannot escape the fabric, which makes transplanting easy.

    Depending on the circumstances which have not been stated we are both correct. To claim I'm outright wrong is unbecomming. I've learned not to name call thanks to a warning, but let me at least say that I think you could to drop the clique attitude, and chill the fuck out, and everything would still be fine.
  11. The roots will grow into the fabric even if the fabric is exposed to the air. I ran a plant in a 3 gallon smart pot for 3 months , and it had roots IN the fabric throughout the entire pot where it had air pruned then found a way inside the fabric and grew almost as a part of the pot.

    There is no High horse here , I have a lot of experience with smart pots, So im giving info on what I have personally seen . I still think your wrong, but everyone is entitled to there opinions.

    If the planter is indoors, on a tray, then the roots cannot escape the fabric, which makes transplanting easy.

    ^^^ not true... Maybe if you transplant before it has a large root mass, but If you let it go to long, You wont be able to just peel off the smart pot, because the roots will become part of the pot..

    Take it or leave it.
  12. Not in my garden. I've allowed them to go as long as possible. Never had this issue. Maybe, very maybe, some super small and superficial roots will "stick" to the sides of the fabric, but I have never once seen an exposed smart pot with roots growing from it.

    I saw your pictures, which was a smart pot, in a smart pot, in a smart pot. If you have a picture of an exposed indoor smart pot with roots coming from it then that would change my opinion. As of yet what I've seen supports my case. Enclosed smart pots will grow through roots. Exposed smart pots will not. This is based on my experience, air pruning theory, and the retailers website. To contradict all of these things you would need to provide evidence, which you have not. I have no doubt about your experiences, but your behavior here has been childish, if you wish to be taken seriously then please engage in some form of reasonable discussion. Otherwise...

    "No, you're wrong"
    "Read my link, you're wrong, I'm right"
    "I am right!!! Says I!!!"

    I mean, where's the nah nah na boo boo??? This isn't a pissing contest. I've stated things accurately and what you are doing is the ABSOLUTE definition of a troll.

    This thread is beaten to death. If you have half a brain you'll be able to make up your own mind and just try it for yourself. Smart Pots are the bomb no matter how you carve it.

    ~The best answer to anger is silence~
  13. Whatever man, I was just trying to help out ! Have a good one :wave:
  14. Russy.. is that your mean look in your avatar? you are so badass

    2Lsc called you a troll..thats pretty funny
    and how am i trolling mr. high horse i am posting legitimite questions and it turns out what i was worried about getting smart pots for you actually said it does happen

    thank 2Lsc for the info.i def will try out the 1 gal and see how it goes.if they transplant well i ll get the 3 gallons later.
  15. If you have the cash,get the smart pots.Smart pots are one of the best things I did for my room.For the money spent will be rewarded with healthier/bigger plants.

    As for Russy's statement....100% true.The roots can and will grow through the fabric in moist areas,when they penetrate,the lights hit them they "air prune",send a signal back to the plant to grow/branch off new roots.
  16. The guy who owns the hydro shop where I get nutes at told me the same thing. I`m gonna be swithing over to smart pots with coco/peralite mix for my second indoor grow here pretty soon.
  17. just did this with my current grow...so far results are excellent

    my sprouts/shrubs 24 day from sprout...2 gal smart pots...mandala hashberry and 8 mile high...cut watering in half indoors..still the same outdoors

  18. Anyone use air pruning pots? Smart pots are "root trappers" no?

    Same concept I believe, however I would think the air pruning pots would transplant easier.

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