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About scraping and smoking resin

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by akgreenteam, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. How many of you tokers scrape your pipe and enjoy smoking the resin. Also do you think you get higher from resin, and do you get a headache everytime!!!!????? I think sometimes I get higher but Its hard to tell its like a slite differnet high.... let me know...
  2. i only smoke resin when i have tonight, my roomate's bowl fell off the armrest of the couch and broke...a very sad day, but damn there was so muc resin inside, im not saying to break your pieces or anything, but we had to honor its memory, we hot a whole bowl full of one of our metal bowls and we still only smoked half of it cause it was so damn harsh...
  3. Ahh you gotta smoke that resin when ur pipe gets all dirty. I would save it for a time when ur in need though. Resin is cool because it burns for so damn long and when you're done scraping, you're pipe has more airflow and hits harder.
  4. Actually I just scraped my pipe last night (outta weed). I like to let it go and the resin grow, and only scrape it when I'm outta weed or when the screen is too caked with it for me to be able to smoke anything... but just smoking the screen is easier and better, because the rest of the resin is left for another day.
  5. yea i scrape my spoon. its not that harsh to me it burns long and i get just as high but it doesnt taste to good. guess im lucky just bought some weed today.
  6. I onnly smoke the resin I scrape when I have no bud/little amounts of bud. I found a good way yo smoke resin is to roll it in some shake, it helps take care of the shitty resin taste.
  7. I love smokein resin. Great for those boring evenings at home when you're dry...
  8. Actually I pressed some resin recently in my kief press b/c I was out of pot. I just used it to get by but I don't normally smoke resin, maybe once or twice a year. Some of the high's were good at first but I think they started to dwindle when I got closer to finishing it all. And I actually don't mind the taste too much, it's okay with me.
  9. I usually don't smoke resin unless I'm really dry, in which case I'll usually just wait until I get some. However, I almost never get headaches from resin, and it does get you pretty high. Overall, I think it's just the smoker's choice.
  10. wouldnt the person be smoking the shake instead of the resin then? Lol.

    But im about to hit a res ball, im dry tonight :(
  11. i only smoke res we i have to and it sucks it tastes so bad i want to puke every time but you gotta to do what you gotta do
  12. i am dry so i scraped two huge balls of resin. smoked one and as of right now i am extremely high. almost stoned haha. i am gonna save the other for tommorow. i think resin is the shit anyway, just tastes bad but i like to enjoy the plant wholely.
  13. I do it all the damn time.
  14. I think it would be easier to get kief out of your grinder using a ball of sticky resin. So toll that resin ball around the kief compartment in your grinder and you should get good and high :p
  15. I smoked resin in high school.

    Ive never had to since
  16. have never smoked resin but i am fairly dry and considering it any tips?
  17. i've stoop'd to smoking res when i'm dry. you only can every so often. for the most pleasurable experience with it, i suggest scraping a pipe that only dank is smoked out of. only scrape if you can get a reasonable amount, trying to hit little shavings of res just isnt worth it. but it usually will give a lot of hits and get you really high, but its very bad for you.

    the best high ive had off of res is from a bong slide that hadnt been scraped in months that only had dank smoked out of it. i got about four or five fat rips that did the jobb for me.:smoking:
  18. I scrape my bowl every three or four packs, but I save up the resin in a bottle cap till I go dry, or have a ball that fills the bowl. It hits better when clean, and the resin hits great compared to no weed at all. And for your other question, no headaches for me (if anything, a tole cures it). The resin always gives me a head high feelig though, even if its from indica bud.
  19. you can smoke your screen?
  20. i've had my bong since midsummer & i use it as often as possible, but i couldnt keep it at my house, so my friend was holding it for me & she used the slide on her 6 foot bong, so it had a fucking ton of resin when i got it back ... when we finally scraped it(a month or so later), i got a solid ball of resin about 3/4 of an inch in diameter. we passed it between three of us for the better part of three hours & it still wasnt done. resin's good for that.

    scrape glass pipes CAREFULLY! i cannot stress this enough. most glass is going to be fairly strong, considering how thin they are, but if you scrape too hard with the wrong implement, it could be disastrous. i usually use a paperclip or a pocket knife to scrape down my bowls.

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