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About rolling

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SmokeyDude, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Which cardboard should I use for filters and does it matter if the bud ain't grinded?

    Also if anybody knows how to roll really easy please send a link to a video or something, looking to roll 0.3 cigs so thats what i'm looking for :) thank you.
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  2. You want your bud as broken up as possible..if you roll up nuggets, your joint will smoke like shit/not smoke

    Also..anything less than .5 in anything rolled up, is not enough weed.
  3. On the grinded up part of the question it depends on What your smoking if it be mids bowl that Shit ! But if it be dank I leave mine in pea shape nugs to roll. That way a gram rolls into 2 or 3 blunts. As far as rolling js I use a dollar as a rolling machine.

  4. I'm going to roll it with tobacco to fill it out.
  5. I just learned a new way for people who cant roll.. Basically get a new pencil without the point (obi) put the paper on the pencil and roll it nice and tight.. then slide some of the paper off the pencil and twist.. You can then take it off.. fill it and lick it.

  6. Didn't really understand that, could you send a video or something? :)
  7. Break it down, your joint will burn like a retard if you just put the nugs in it.
    Creative thinking dude.
    But sooner or later every weed smoker gotta learn how to roll a joint. Once he gets the feeling it's really relaxing to sit down, listen to some music and roll a joint, love it. Pretty basic stuff when it comes to weed smoking, atleast where i live.
    I dont know about your tolerance but i've smoked .2 hits that got me fucking super blazed. :D

    OP here you go
    [ame=]How to Roll a Joint - YouTube[/ame]
  8. notecards are your friends
  9. I find that blunts are easier to roll.
  10. about breakin up the weed- i smoked w my mom once in life and i had her roll me a joint cuz she said she used to sell pre-rolled joints back in i let her do her thing and she didnt break up the weed at 3 or 4 nuggets squished together and she just rolled it up.... i was laughing at her telling her it wont work.not enough sir to pull through.....but it turned out to be the longest lasting joint of my life. thanks mom

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