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  1. Hello. I bought a visa green dot prepaid credit card at walmart to use for ordering some beans from Dr Chronic, but when i opened it up i saw it says valid only in U.S. So this means i can't use it to order from Dr Chronic as he's not in the US, correct? I guess the answer is kinda obvious, iguess just wanted someone to say ya you F.U. Are ther any prepaid's that can be used out of the USA. Thanks.
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    Why don't you use a regular Credit-/Debit Card?
  3. i used a prepaid debit/credit card from visa (basically same thing you have..if not exactly the same thing), and used it at the attitude seed bank w/no problems. use it just like a credit card and you should be fine.
  4. yuup ive done the same exact move you have many times and its all been good, ordering from the doc with that green dot visa is no problem:wave:
  5. Cool. Thanks.

  6. OP are you avoiding an answer?
  7. I think it's rather obvious. I'll use a pre-paid

  8. Well?
  9. Clearly paranoid. How can you not see it, or do you just want someone to say it? Growing marijuana is illegal!
  10. Just use a money order....quick and easy and the Doc takes them.

  11. What that got to do with buying beans with a regular CC or Debit card?

    Still no reasonable answer from any of you - because there is none!

  12. Try it! They could be using a US credit card processor for their online transactions or they could be willing to accept paypal.
  13. OK let me guys tell you this since none of you will have a reasonable reason why using a pre-paid CC. Unless the person does not have a regular CC/Debit Card. :rolleyes:

    Reputable Seed banks ALL use 3rd party billing services. For those who don't know what that means: The seed bank will NOT get to see and therefore will not get to store the actual CC/Debit Card data.

    Once the beans you have bought left the place you bought them @ they should be shipped to an address you are not growing @ - if they get found @ customs they will be taken and that's it.

    If they make it - and most do - great!

    Now YOU tell me why you are going through the headache of pre-paid CC/Debit cards?

    You should be worried about not getting caught growing and not about using a pre-paid card.
  14. The point isn't that I don't trust the seed banks. I don't want on my statement "5XFEM BLUEBERRY MARIJUANA SEEDS". I know they are more discreet about it than that but the point is, you are leaving a paper trail.

    I personally have never used a prepaid card to buy anything. But I pay cash for all things related to my growing and have them shipped to various places.. To get my seeds I used a money order which is also fairly anonymous, but I didn't have a CC at that point so it was my only option besides these prepaid cards.
  15. I guess some people just have more to lose than others man, why is it such a damn hassle to go down the street to walmart and buy it, rather than losing thousands, possibly 100's of thousands, on what you are dishing out.

  16. The cards RARELY work for me, just my experience... Most sites verify your bill to address, usually this polls the last 3 of your zip or first word of your street name. In any case online shopping period with prepaid cards its painfully difficult if done at all IN MY EXPERIENCE. Some do allow you to enter billing and zip codes on their website to by pass the above buy most do not. Finally when you are stuck with them because the online vendor wanted to verify your bill to, I even have a hard time spending them. Most gas stations don't take them and even a few retailers have kicked back the card. These are just my experiences.

    The most secure method I have found sending money is PAYPAL using the "PAY FOR SERVICE" option. I sent money back and forth between accounts and this method transmits none of your personal information, aside from your name. Of course you will have to work this out in advance with your seller but most have understood IN MY EXPERIENCE.

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