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about mids

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by a_w1seman, May 26, 2009.

  1. can mids or regs, be called indicas or sativas or does it not aplly to mids??:confused:
  2. Still applies, but I'd say 90% of mids are indica dominant.
  3. idk i get more of an indica high from the middies
  4. i alwasy thought regs were more of a sativa type of bud even though it makes u fuggin all shwaged out. ahha dunno why
  5. i always assumed mids were mostly sativas,
  6. are mids just fucked up chronic or what is it just when they forget to cut out the man plant?
  7. Cannabis of varying potency and quality depending on the particular area. For instance, some may call mids cannabis that is as potent as ddank but the buds are not as shapely and contain seeds and some stems. They are also lamp dried so the smoke is harsher and not as tasteful. Mids may also be seedless, low stem bud that is easier to brake up but the potency may not be as high so it takes more to get the desired effects.

    Mids are what many people start on and what many low budget or occasional smokers stay on.

    Example - My buddy wanted to grab a sac of dank but I told him that we can get twice the amount of mids for the same price.

  8. noobiest thread question ive seen in a while. I didnt even read any comments yet, but ill say what has already probably been said.

    Indica and Sitiva are types of weed. I.E. a pen and pencil, both are use for writing but the result of using one is different then the other.
  9. Yes , mids can come in indica , sativa , or ruderlis (auto-flower) . Mids has nothing to do with variety , but it's actually about the quality compared to other buds .

    You can grow high-quality buds using the seeds from a bag of shitty shwag . That shwag is most likely shitty because it was grown bad , although it could also be a low THC variety .

    I could buy some high-potency white widow seeds , grow them out crappy , and end up with mids .
  10. you misunderstood my question so calm down before you throw the noob hammer around. i know what mids are. re-read my question
  11. I understand the question, maybe you dont understand your own question. Also there was no rage in my statement.
  12. Like everyone else said, but still mids and "regular weed" is pretty much all sativa, all though it can be indica, but the weed you get from your dude that doesn't have a specific strain name or anything, then you can bet it's sativa.
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    mids is just like the not so good batch of chronic

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