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  1. ok so i have about a 50x30 inch space. i have decently powerful fan venting the area (its lowest speed creates a pretty good draft thru the space) would MH/HPS create too much heat? the 50x30 space is encloses by a larger area. this surrounding area will have no AC in summer. can any experienced growers determine if this area will be too hot?
  2. the summer will be a problem. The ambient room temperature will be already high, then you add the intense light heat from the MH/HPS.

    Then again, it might work, keep the plant hydrated. Keep a a good distance between the bulb and the plants
  3. there is a possibility we could draw some cooler shaded air in from outside the building... hmmm. ide really like some input from people who have grown with HID in a smaller space like mine.
  4. only way to prob do it with no problems is to use air cooled hood for the light. The summer temps will get above the temp you want no matter where you draw the air in from(unless its from a A/C room). Set your space up right the first time and save yourself a headache...its a pain to battle the grow room while its full of plants.

    Theres prob not too many that grow in spaces like that with HID lights...when heat is a issue and you dont have the funds to set up air cooled hood for a HID light, check into CFL lighting.
  5. hmmm....well i might just have to settle for cfls. preciate the input

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