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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. yeah, he has asked me to just tell every one to not get mad at him if he as post to much to little or whatever to night cuz he did drop about 6 hits of acid.
  2. OH NO! Cottons on acid!!! It's going to be one of those nights!!!!
  3. lol cottons.

    cant wait :)

    go to town!
  4. yo. i got this guy with me here and he's a friggin nervous wreck. lol. he's such a mess. and yes rmjl... it's going to be one of those nights :D

    if i can even find my way around the city. he says he's going to start posting more around the city. but i don't believe him.

    why do i keep just staring at the screen? oh yeah... it's because i can't read it,

    but yeah... he's been registered for a while but hasn't been posting for some odd reason or another. his user name is Nervous Wreck or something to that extent. i'd type more but i'm just trippin so much face.

    i just wish i could explain the things i'm seeing
  5. wait, what the fuck ARE u talking about?
  6. my friend... this guy who's a complete and utter nervous wreck. he's such a mess. he registered at the city under the name of ... you guessed it... nervous wreck (i can't remember if theres a space or not), and it's getting really hard for me to type. lol
  7. Tell you're friend to stop being nervous. It'll fuck up his trip. Here, I'll tell him....

    NERVOUS WRECK....Quit being a nervous wreck! It will fuck with your trip, man!!!

    Cottons, you really are tripping. You posted the same thing that you just posted.
  8. did i?

    lol. i gave him a couple glow sticks for his trip home.

    where did i post twice? lol. don't mess with my head now! ;)
  9. You know me, I would NEVER mess with your head while you're tripping...none of us would!!!!!

    *evil laughter*
  10. haha post all ya want darlin' :)
  11. jason cotton?

  12. ::looks around awkwardly::


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