About how much do you usually smoke?

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    I keep seeing people on here talking about smoking a 1.5g blunt in one sitting and only being "pretty high". How is this possible?

    I've been smoking for some two years now, and 1.5 grams lasts me a full week of near-constant highness. I can't imagine smoking that much all at once and not being completely blown out. Do blunts really waste that much? I only ever smoke out of my spoon, except when I'm with people who somehow always have enough weed to roll huge blunts all the time (usually dealers).

    So how much would it take you to keep you mostly high for a full week, and how long have you been smoking?

    EDIT: Also, what are you smoking out of?
  2. how much would it take to keep me high for a week ? at least an ounce
  3. dude shit are you serious
    1.5 grams keeps you stoned for a week?
    that's physically impossible
  4. Not 24/7. I picked up 1.5g on Wednesday, and immediately divided it up in this 7-day pill planner I use to ration out my weed (lol). I've been smoking 1/7th of 1.5g each day since then and been high for about 12 hours out of the day.
  5. An eighth would get me high once a day for a week.

    To stay constantly high? Probably a quad or half
  6. wow i wish i was as lucky as you lol
  7. Except it isn't just me, it's everyone I know and smoke with. We've all been smoking for a multiple years now, and we don't need that much. My friend who smokes most out of us smokes like 3 grams a week, tops, and he often smokes people out.

    Where do you guys live at? I'm in Orange County.
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    No wonder you stay so high, do you get mmj or what?

    And as far as how much I need per week I only smoke probably 2-3 times a week so I'd say less than a gram. Usually out of my spoon.
  9. An 1/8th usually last me a week... BUT I bought a 1/2 ounce earlier this month and I think it will be gone in another week and a half. Maybe less? Lol.

    Oh and I've smoked a 2g blunt of strawberry cough with two friends and we were pretty high, but we managed to pass a bong around after a 5 minute break.

  10. 1.7 lasts me over 3 weeks and thats smoking every day. I love my ultra extreme low tolerance. :hello:
  11. at my peak i was smoking half an oz of brick a week. i have cut it down to about an 1/8th a week which equals 2-3 small bowls a day. i recently was on a dry/tolerance break for about 7 months, so it doesnt take me much to get high right now.. before then i had been smoking weed every day for about 7 years. a full bowl was hardly getting me high... this is all schwag weed though.. if i get some beasters an 1/8 of that would last me a week.
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    half o every paycheck... which is 2 weeks

    1.7 thats a normal L for me
  13. i envy you lol

    for me its about 3 gs for 2 days, i say this because i dont smoke during the week only the weekends. also i match bowls with people so thats just an estimate

  14. Well it lasts me 3 weeks if I'm not smoking people out. :D Also on weekends or holiday breaks I smoke a lot more. But during my school schedule and everything it usually lasts about 3 weeks.
  15. Yes. Could that explain it? When I visited and smoked with my aunt in Austin, Texas, her shit was just as good, though?
  16. i used to smoke about 1 oz of week a week i used to smoke with my roommate when i was going to college but i moed out of that town and back to miami, and now i probably go thorough half an oz a week that i buy and how ever much amount i smoke with my friends.
  17. I've been smoking about 30 years with a few short breaks. At one point in my youth it wouldn't have been unusual for me to burn up a half ounce in a day. These days, 2 to 4 grams per day for me and .5 to 1 for my wife is our normal rate of consumption.

    To be high ALL the time? I'd probably have to smoke six or seven grams a day, so figure an ounce in a half to an ounce and three quarters per week. Being high ALL the time is a bit of a drag sometimes though.

    My consumption rate goes up when my arthritis acts up. While I started smoking recreationally I now also use it for pain.

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