About getting high...

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  1. About getting high...

    There's been some discussion about the piece regarding the “panic” over sound that gets you high.
    Of course sound can get you high. And you don't need special tones playing in static. Just listen to the right album when you're in the right mood…
    And somewhat lost in the discussion is the fact that we've unfortunately come to the point where some people think that getting high is a bad thing.
    And yet, humans are always getting high. They like it. They get high from caffeine; they get high on sex (oh yeah, that definitely stimulates some chemical receptors); they get high on running; they get high on religion; they get high on chocolate and on smelling the roses. They get high on adrenaline. They get high on patriotism and team spirit. They get high on meat cooked on the grill. They get high on laughter or on poetry.
    I guess we'd better get busy outlawing stuff.

    In regulated markets, disputes are handled by lawyers. In the black market, disputes are handled by guns. I have no love for lawyers, but I'd rather get hit by a stray brief than a stray bullet. Guitherism
  2. come man, getting high is a SIN! :laughing:
  3. They forgot to say in that news story that idose doesn't do shit. How fucking awesome would it be though if it did? Could be the final nail in the drug war coffin if it did.
  4. While people are indulging in cigarettes and cheap boozes i'll be smoking my super dank plants and enjoying my self without any serious risk

    Cigarette smokers = Killing themselves
    Alcohol drinkers = Killing themselves

    Stoners = Chilling
  5. Stoners > Cancer lol

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