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Discussion in 'General' started by diggityDANK, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. i tried dmx the other day and it was alright i enjoyed the visuals i had but i used cough syrup and drinking a bottle of cough syrup wasnt really my thing.....but im wondering since musinex dm has DMh in it and also gauifen,which i know i dont want but it doesnt matter too much, if its okay to take those pills.
  2. dont take that shit. take robotussin gelcaps. you have to make sure dxm is the ONLY active ingrediant
  3. like RA said, take the robitussin cough gels if you want pills. DexAlone is also another pill dxm product that is good, but hard to find nowadays.

    Read over erowid.org for any dxm info you may need :)
  4. Took the pills with 4 other people, everyone threw up a lot.

    Never again in my life.
  5. if you want to hallucinate in a way that's NOT damaging to your brain, try dmt, mescalin, or mushrooms. acid is always great too if it tests pure

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