? about computer fans

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  1. how do i convert them to work from and outlet
  2. you need some sort of wall charger (like for cellphones) that is rated the save voltage as your computer fan (either 5v or 12v, one or the other).

    Then you remove from the tip the insulation from the wires from the wall charger. Same thing for your computer fan.

    Join together the wires

    Make sure the fan spins when the wires are touching. If it isn't, reconnect the wires differently [ there's only TWO ways of connecting the wires, so go guess ]

    Cover with electric tape

    plug in the wall.
  3. If you got many fans and they are mostly 12v (since 12v chargers are hard to find).

    Find the cheapest PSU available on ebay (you know, power supply unit from the computer)

    Find a guide on google on how to force-start a PSU without it being connected to a PC.
    Basically, you just use a paper clip and link two holes on the HUGE PSU connector that connects to the motherboard. Google for the specific holes.

    Instant power supply that connects to PC fans without any special wiring.

    edit : make sure the PSU you're buying comes with the cable that plugs into your wall socket. Sometimes they arent included. Especially with the cheap PSU. Otherwise, buy one yourself on ebay again, or.. ya... find one.
  4. thanks gumdispenser i think i might try using the psu but how safe is just leaving a paperclip in i checked online on how to do it but from what ive read it seems like they only jump started it for a liilte bit no one left in on for a ling time and im gonna use it for my fans in my grow so what do u think should i put a paper clip in and cover it withe elctrical tape or ue somethin else
  5. i got a PSU powering up 3 external hard drives. I know it works.
  6. lol thanks man
  7. instead of jumping the ports on the ATX connector with a paperclip, why don't you just find the wire (ATX PWR_ON is always green), cut it off from the connector, and splice it to one of the black wires (ground)?
  8. Because that's a lot harder than a paper clip?

    Because that modifies the PSU permanently
  9. thats totally easy if i understand question correctly.
    I f you want connect the pc fan to power source and it must work :D
    So you need 2 things.
    1.PC fan.
    2.Power source.

    First look at fan back.
    example: 12volts 600mA
    so you need power source...which got 12 volts , and 400-600 mA output...
    you can find it in modem power converter,or from low power speakers...
    i made from low power speakers.. and it works perfectly.
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    I only did that so I could cut out all of the useless cables and make it as compact as possible, which I needed for my space.. I have like 20 extra PSUs lying around so permanent modification is not a problem :)

    But I understand how you feel. If you want to do the paper clip method the wire to find is always green.. It is sometimes stamped with "ATX PWR_ON".. And you can put the other end in any of the ground slots (black wires). To make it neat you can cut the paper clip to size and bend the ends 90 degrees, and insert it like you would a real jumper. No need to cover it or electrical tape..

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