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  1. Can you clone a autoflowering clone? If so how do you maintain the mother plant?
  2. No. You could but you would end up with the worlds smallest budding plant. And you can't keep a mother since autos have a "timer" on how long they live, they flower according to this and the light schedule makes no difference.you can flower an auto under 10/14 or under 24/0
  3. How a bout can you clone a clone
  4. I imagine once it's a full out plant, yes. That being said, I don't have much interest in cloning so that's a guess. I'm sure 2 minutes on Google will give you an answer.
    You can clone from existing clones when they are big enough for cuttings.  This is for photo-periodic  plants.  Cloning auto plants will not work and is a waste of your time.
  6. Why is it a waste of your time what is happens why have you done it to know this from experience
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    The clone of an auto is at the same stage of maturity as the doner mother and will flower at the same time as the mother.  It will flower as a small cutting yielding only a tiny flower.  You cannot reverse the flowering back to the vegetative stage with an auto.
  8. If I take one later on done say 5weeks that's not with cloning time I'd be alright wouldn't I? There not into complete flower so pitting back into veg for three more weeks.
  9. Can't fix stupid, even if English is a third or fourth language...
  10. You can try this if you like, but you will soon realize the cutting will not grow larger and will flower when the mother plant flowers regardless of when you take the cutting, yielding only a tiny bud from the cutting.  You cannot successfully clone an auto for future planting.
  11. Why isn't this in the beginner forum?  It's not a big deal, but if you can't come here to read advanced threads, people will stop coming, which then snowballs....
  12. Its not an auto it's a clone I've taken off from a grown clone. Now that's fine right. Its happening right in front of me anyways
  13. Yes I am very aware you can't clone autos. But photo clones yes?

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