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  1. Everyone should just order from them, I have twice, everything came nice. Except the first time took forever! (Whole month or more) But the second time only 9 days! Don't worry if the tracking doesn't work. Mine never told me so just wait! Just use your real name and everything I did. Also yes the gift cards work from the mall! Make sure though you activate them online first! Attitude service is unbeatable. On both orders there were a little miss ups but they handled it like professionals.

    What Im trying to say is stop using other SB that you hear bad bout and just go with them they'll never let you down. Don't be worried bout customs too. They won't find them hahah:D If they did just email Attitude and Im sure they'll send out new shipment if opted for Guarantee Shipping

    I hope this helps encourage people when ordering!

  2. half of stuff u said is false.

    they will not resend u a package if seized by customs

    there r Couple others seedbanks on lvl with attitude. seedboutique i find to be the best cheaper prices but not less quality

    you said they missed up both ur orders? (nice?)

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