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about all the shoddy digit clones here...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mooglekexin, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. do we get a shoddy (or even better, high quality) moonlighthigh clone ??? i doesnt hurt, dont think digit even realised there were so many of us :) :) :)
  2. :p

    when we find an older "digit clone" can we stop calling yas all digit clones?

    if there are mlh clones, ... then....

    whahahoweee! dont freek me out man!
  3. if there are older i will blame it on time travel, you are digit prime :)
  4. erm..... what digit clones?
  5. it all started when i was new here...

    the first pol i made had an option "shud up mooglekexin, you shoddy digit clone" or something like than and it became cult (if you count 2 or 3 people a cult) status

    i think krazihare might be one, cant remember the rest
  6. what if there was a mooglekexin clone, would it be a digit or mooglekexin clone ???

    lol just read


    sounds like a mario thing to say when you say it :)
  7. i don't think there are clones of me...unless i am a replica of someone else...that would be wierd...
  8. i'm a digit clone
  9. i cloned digit
  10. aw, ah well theres always next year...

    wait no theres not, if there was a clone it would be 1, thats tooo big an age gap for me :D
  11. hehe, I made that poll, I don't really know why either

    I guess i thought it'd be funny and I couldn't believe Digit hadn't already done it

    And as for Moonlighthigh clones; nah, by law clones aren't allowed to procreate on their own, we can't have girlfriends. there're plenty of those cloned 'Dolly' sheep going around though...
  12. aw i dont wanna be a heartless clone... argh overload of emotions... brain falling out of ear... must live... MALFUNCTION... TERMINATE CLONE #7328
  13. I saw a digit clone at Opry Mills mall. He was working a kiosk.
  14. things are starting to get
  15. I cloned my one eyed pet pig.

  16. gather round my "children".... i have a secret to tell you.

    we are all toosicks clones, 3rd generation, metabeta processed, FF, multiple hybridized, unstable batch code 420D9420... we are the new breed. ... a bit shitter really... or else we'd all live in the perfect stoner town in teh heart of the beast! lol.


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