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  1. went shrooming today ,so i am planning on doing and intense trip tonigt, i have tripped before and love tripping but sometimes i get bad trips what is some good advice for avoding a bad trip. i was thinking that if i could some how convince myself that its just a drug and nothing bads gunna happen would that work, kinda like self motivation?????
  2. Be in a good mindset and prepaired going into a trip is paramount.

    Having a trip sitter might help.
  3. You can never rid yourself of the chance of having a bad trip, but you can definitely reduce it. The setting/mood plays the a large role in how everything works out. Keeping anxiety free, relaxed, and comfortable would be good. Exactly what this means will vary from person to person, but just make sure you go into it with a clear, level head.
  4. keep a clear, cool head throughout the day. even meditate for a few hours beforehand if you can. no food for at least 4 hours previous to dosing (indegestion and nausea can sometimes translate into the beginning of a bad trip) and just stay positive.
  5. just to make sure are you 100% positive your mushroom stash are psilocybin?or psychedelic?
  6. A little bit of mdma, some benzo's, or if you smoke some weed first and get happy. But dude, seriously, relax. You're not gonna have a bad trip there is nothing to worry about right, and whats the worst that could happen?
    Just chill, i garuntee you will have a good time.

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