About $400 to spend, but on what?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I finally got enough money to buy some new glassware and stuff (I recently moved out of my parents house, but awhile ago they found all my shit and got rid of it :(). So I know for sure I'm gonna get my hands on a halfway-decent pipe, a good grinder, and a bong (probably weed star or roor). So what do you guys recommend me getting as far as a pipe and/or bong? I'd like to have a little case for the pipe too.
  2. I would strongly advise against both Roor and Weed Star, for different reasons- Weed Star is cheap, and imported. Now, some people swear by their WS pieces, but I think that American-made is the way to go if you're looking for well-made, strong glass. Roor.de, on the other hand, is always high quality, but simple and overpriced. Some people want the iconic label, but beyond that, there isn't much that sets a Roor apart.
    Check out SSFG Glass, DWB Glass, or EFS Glass for good cheap tubes, or just browse NVS, AyLT or High Priority for a tube that catches your eye.
    As far as grinders go, I think you'll know quality when you see it. Space Case is the gold standard, but there are a lot of other good grinders out there, so just find one that looks like it is well made.
    And for a dry pipe, just get whatever catches your eye. Make sure it has a nice push, but beyond that, get something American made and good-looking.

  3. How about one of these?
    Molino Premium Bong "Black Widow" - 7mm - 50cm
    'Blaze Glass' Clear Glass Bong - Beaker Base - 7mm

    They both are pretty thick, but I can't really speak for the quality overall. But thanks for the advice! +rep
  4. my friend got the white widow when it was out and i must say that the bong is sick, the stock a/c impressed me(the mad scientist inline precooler blew so i had low expectations of this precooler). oh yea and she is heavy. the only thing i would recommend would be to upgrade the stem to an 18.8. my buddy already has an 18.8mm a/c so he got the stem and its sweet.

    pretty much i like molinos tubes. my cousin also has the dirty harry version of the molino and its like having a splash guard with no restriction
  5. sg natty splash or mini king
  6. With $400 I would get either a worked, efs double gridded donut with some nice blasting or a sg stemline, or I would save an extra $40 bucks or so and get one of the new Mobius stereo matrix's.....I really want to hear somebody review that tube! I don't know anybody who has smoked one yet
  7. $400.

    Buy 2 high quality tubes with diff characteristics.
    Buy off local blowers/shops that carry local blower stuff

    If you can get as close to the source as possible, it is always way cheaper. Plus the quality is there, its just not a known name, but way more unique in my opinion. As long as you know its quality, check the welds, and bends/seams.

  8. Yeah I was probably going to end up buying local anyway, to eliminate the risk of having the package dropped on the way :eek:
  9. You can get a 23in Manifest Glassworks showerhead to tree or circ perk with some work possibly. Or something gridded.

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