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  1. Thoughts please
  2. How about you make a case for your point of view, and then invite a debate.

    Either way on this topic, it will probably be a hot issue. But you should probably give your own position before you ask others to give theirs. It is the honest thing to do. Letting others know where the OP stands, at least originally, on the subject of his/her thread.
  3. Just fine, as long as it's preformed sufficently early, and not simply as a standard means of birth controll. But if you make a genuine mistake, there's nothing wrong with it.
  4. Pro-choice but don't take advantage of it. It should be controlled.

    You can't be having unprotected sex and then just be having abortions every time.

    but in the case of rape it would be acceptable.
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    Pro-choice, for any situation. Mistakes happen, to ALL of us. I would rather a scared teen who had drunk unprotected sex be allowed a doctor to safely facilitate the process. Criminalizing abortion forces them to have an unwanted baby, or to self-abort in thier bathroom with a coathanger.

    Another question for you pro-lifers.

    Will you raise thier child? Have you ever adopted? If not, why not? You surely wouldn't impede your personal views upon another human if you weren't willing to help, would you?

    Everyone has an opinion on the morality of abortion. But above ALL, it can and must be shown that it is morally wrong to force another's morality on any woman in this most personal and life-determining of all areas.

    Who has the right to force a woman to have a child she doesn't want, and what are the implications of this for society? The ability for a woman to control her reproductive destiny is bringing about an unprecedented leap in social evolution. Choice extends the possibility of conscious reproduction, which in turn is essential to meet the momentous challenges humanity is facing.

    My five cents.
  6. The abortion debate is the bane of modern politics. It only enables the Republicans and Democrats to disagree on something. Liberalism vs Conservatism has taken on a new meaning as being that of social views.

    Let the bible thumpers do what they want, keep their voters out of our national elections. Presidential candidates should be debating things like foreign policy and the economy, but since they both agree with each other there, petty things like social issues have become the forefront of national debates.

    I believe states have the right to determine their social laws. The federal government has no authority to do so under the constitution, and by permitting them the authority through ignorance we have allowed for federally enforced legal paternalism and moral wars.

    Why do you think our country is controlled by religious nuts? Because you vote for centralized power.

    California should have legal weed and Kansas should be allowed to ban abortions.

    On another note, forced-legal abortion creates more burdens to society than it helps the young would-be mothers that use it. The consequences of sex are removed, sex is abused, more unfit mothers that can't kill their child give birth, and more poor unfit people are brought into this society.

    I am pro-choice.
  7. imo. .

    as pot smokers we get mad when people tell us how weed affects us, when they clearly havent or do not smoke.
    therefore there opinion is unsubstantiated.

    if you dont have a vag and its not half yours. . .

    shut your mouth
  8. you first :D
  9. 100% for it in any situation.
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    Excellent contribution. While I can strongly agree, I am personally against mass punishment.

    The reckless should not be allowed to create hardship for the unfortunate. And if these people are so reckless, do you really want them raising a child? (YOU obviously don't, as I've taken from your post. That was a general question :) )

    This is sadly the case with more issues than just this one. Recreational use of marijuana for one. The careless and immature have been perpetuating the responsible adult use of cannabis as criminal in the country.

    EDIT: Also, I'd like to speculate that the easily available condoms and birth control pills do alot more for removing the consequences of sex in our society. Abortion is normally a last resort method of birth-control for most women.
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    I'm pro-life but I wouldn't overturn Roe v. Wade. I am personally opposed to abortions but I cannot justify imprisoning someone for doing so.

    Besides adoption is a much better option.


  12. I agree that adoption should always be a top choice. Sadly not everyone is that smart.

  13. I agree, but I feel like it should be allowed for more than just rape. Sometimes accidents DO happen.

  14. Yes true. but like I said keep it controlled and have a record if you've had an abortion because people can abuse the system really easily and basically thats our tax money right there.
  15. Your tax dollars are being spent ALOT more recklessly than in cases of illegitimate abortion. That's for sure :)
  16. So, at what point would you deny anyone an abortion?

  17. Thats the tricky part really.

    Honestly don't you think there would be people who abuse the system?
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  19. What, you think women think it is fun doing an abortion?

    Why not keep it simple, no government beurocracy to decide wether or not a woman wants to be a mother or not. Let us keep the state small and care about the important things. Like economy and foreign policy. Not opinions on moral issues that essentially boils down to freedom for one self, or the government imposing on ones life.

    I thought conservatives was against big-government?

  20. I wasn't saying the federal government take care of that. I believe the states should have the right to decide on abortion and how to deal with it.

    No I think women wouldn't care about pregnancy and just say I can get an abortion.

    I do see where you are coming from though.

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