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Abnormally Low Tolerance?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2313, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. I think I have an usually low tolerance for THC. I'm 6'2 like 165 lbs and I'm very lean but somewhat on the skinny side. But anyways whenever I smoke always get very high even off a few hits. Like today when I vaped I was high for like 3 hours and then had an awesome body high for like another 2 hours. The first time I smoked a blunt I got so high that I had to stop smoking the blunt when I was halfway through. Does anyone else have a very low tolerance? Maybe it's because I'm a new toker.
  2. Yea its cuz ur new. We were all the same. Enjoy urself, ur tolerance will rise.
  3. I'm 6'6" and a 270lbs, and after a few hits I'm set for 3-6 hours. I rather like having a low tolerance, I think too many of the apprentice tokers look at this like a bad thing. I see it as a good thing because I don't have to smoke an 8th just to get a small buzz, I can get ripped off <1g
    I can smoke with the best of them though, I would never refuse to take another hit, or pass out, or any of that shit. If someone want's to smoke a whole ounce in a night, I'm down!
  4. Definitely cuf your new man. I remember when i first started I would get so high off a blunt of mids my friends would be jealous. Appreciate it while you can cuz all smokers would love to have that tolerance back.
  5. same here! my tolerance is STUPID low, but I blame that on my size (5'1" and about 90lbs :p). but you could never tell with the way I smoke haha. I just get hella high. one of the coolest things about low tolerance is that you get used to being so slapped that you basically teach yourself to *look* sober
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    I rotate between dabs and flowers so my tolerance never gets to high on one or the other.  :metal:
    If I was still able to get super stoned of a tiny rip I could save a ton of money!
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    Enjoy it bro, tolerance sucks. :smoke:
    I miss the days of getting ripped off of one rip, now it takes me at least 2 bowls to get really blown. It gets expensive. xD
    EDIT: Don't think it matters, but I'm 6'2 175lbs, pretty skinny.
  8. 90 lbs? Holy fuck.
  9. :p it's not that weird for a girl my height lol
  10. See you're a girl. If a guy was that small, we'd be surprised. 
  11. If I ever have another girlfriend I hope she's a short, teeny, tiny chick. I'd fill 'er up! If you know what I mean. :ey:
  12. How long does it take to build up tolerance?  I've smoked every day for the past week and my tolerance is still ridiculously low (not complaining  :bongin: )  I mean like I'm getting blazed after about a half of a bowl.
  13. I wish I had a low ttolernce that's a good thing

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