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Abnormally Long High?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smashx420, May 23, 2013.

  1. So I smoked today at around noon and was still high until around 7ish.  Didn't even finish the entire bowl. Do I have a ridiculously low tolerance? Is it the weed quality? I'm not complaining about the length, its just that I usually am only high for that long on edibles.

  2. How often do you smoke?
  3. A couple times a week. Smoked yesterday and a couple days before.
  4. Do you know the strain name? I don't think its your tolerance, I'm a very regular smoker, and I have gotten that high before, lasted about 8 hours. Wasn't even the best strain, just some kush.
  5. @[member="MusicGawd88"] Blackberry Kush
  6. Happened to me to man lasted 3 days. It could be that your weed has been cured for a long time so it has a high potency. If you want it to be like that again just put it in a air tight bag or a jar and let it sit for 3 weeks. If you want you want your high to be longer.
  7. Laced forsure
  8. iv never had a high last that long except with an edible haha cheba chew deca dose i ate it at 9pm friday woke up saturday at like 12 and was still high.
  9. I'm gonna call bullshit. There are people that cure their weed for way longer than 3 weeks like you said and you're still not gonna be high for 3 days.
    OP it sounds like a case of good weed+low tolerance+some afterglow.

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