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Able to Astral Project? Come on in :D

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by dawnofwar, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Hey S&P I know there must be some of you out there that Astral Project quite often. Well I'm just going to start doing it regularly (everyday,) from now on for a good while. Come in, and post your stories, what happened, etc....
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    Hey guys, Argo here. Been APing on and off for 9 years, had my first real breakthrough 4 years ago. I was sitting in my room after ripping my favorite Yin Yang bong and began my daily training of materializing my chi into an energy sphere. After this was complete, I laid down and closed my eyes, and focused my attention on leaving my material shell for 1 hour. I was about to give up, when I merely "let go" and i felt completely weightless. After I realized that my astral form had been completely separated from my physical body, I struggled to suppress my joy at this surreal experience. I immediately hovered to my computer to look up a way to get in contact with the National Academy of Sciences in order to document my absolutely stunning discovery, but to no avail, I was not able to use the computer in this spirit form. I thought, wait. I can explore the cosmos in this state, so surely I would be able to simply go to the NAS myself. Indeed, I summoned the energy and there I was - hundreds of miles from home in in Washington D.C. When I effortlessly arrived at the director's office in all my newfound incorporeality, I was, alas, unable to speak or make contact with humans in my astral form either! Bummer, I know. So instead I chilled around then rings of Saturn, got bored, and fused my spirit form with my meat bag and I've since been attempting to project and contact spirit entities in the Astral plane of the Andromeda galaxy. Happy Projecting. :wave:
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  3. I almost broke through for the first time last night after many hours of just laying there. Unfortunately, I lack the testicular matter to leave my physical body.

    Last night was the farthest I've been. I got the whole body vibration/electrical feel twice last night. Both times I flipped shit and started to agitate in my bed to keep awake. I've had two negative experiences with sleep paralysis and the feeling was way too similar. SP is a big barrier for me.
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  4. Hey dawn,its me Iceman.

    I dont know if you remember but i sent you a message a while ago.

    Anyways, as you many know my 3 time i almost got there. the next time after that, i almost did in like 5 minutes which was pretty weird to me of how fast i got into almost astral projecting. but i was not able to do so a couple minutes after, not even near. the last time i tried which was sunday, idk why, but I was only able to nearly get close. Like I heard ears popping but that was it. I grew impatient and stopped.

    I was thinking of meditating during the day to improve on some patience and relax easier. Any tips?

  5. It does feel close to the feeling you get when you are SP'ing, but I find if you let it continue, it has a distinct positive vibe to it IMO. If you feel your not ready to, don't push it then, try again another time.
  6. Just tried for the first time today and felt the buzzing! Now whats the next stage as to getting out of my body?

  7. That's it, just stick with the vibration feeling and you'll breakthrough.

  8. I see, thank you. I'm pretty sure I felt my hands getting out of my body and I knew I was really close but for some reason I "woke up". I'll let you know how my next attempt goes.
  9. Astral projected last night. I was lying in bed and I got into a really heavy trance state without even noticing (I meditate a lot now, it probably helped), next thing you know my body starts to vibrate and in my mind I'm like "Oh, fuck ya!". My ears started roaring? I guess. Next thing you know I get out of my body and go through my walls to go outside. First thing I did was meditate. Oddly enough not much happened and I woke up.

    Seems as though the spirit world around here is quite dark these days from when I was outside, but at the same time quite peaceful and illuminating.
  10. How is your astral projection journey going??

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