Abducted by Aliens

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    I'm having a good ass night, but as I start to come down and shit, I am starting to have a clear mind sort of. What do you guys think about aliens? Has anyone ever been abducted before? If you people show that you are interested, I will tell my true story about what happened
    EDIT:       Alright mutherfuckers, here's the story and I don't care whether you believe it or not. It happened at least 10 years ago. So anyway, I was chillin at my aunt's house who lives in the middle of nowhere in southern illinois. I was the only one in the house at the time. It was at night, and I think the rest of my family was out partying or some shit.
                At one point, I saw what appeared to be a figure fly by my room. It was weird because it was like a really misty object. The figure had to be real because right after it flew by I heard a big ass draft sound in the kitchen. I had no idea what the fuck was going on. Then I kept seeing these white flashes. At some point my memory of what happened gets really fucked up. It felt like I wasn't inside of my own body, but like I was encompassing different objects around me. My ears started ringing and it felt like I had no control of myself. It was like I was watching my own reality rather than controlling it. I couldn't tell you how long I was in this state for. It felt like it was actually the end of time, or like time didn't even exist but was an illusion. At some point, I regained consciousness and kind of "woke up." I thought I might have been in a coma or was knocked out, but when I looked at the clock it was like no time had gone by and it was exactly the same point of the night that this whole fuckin shit started in.
                I never told anyone in my family what happened, but I do remember later when I was older looking up ufo's in illinois and there being stories of black box ufo sightings. But shit only gets weirder. In the weeks/months after my experience happened, I noticed a slight pain in my left arm that would worsen over time.  remember this. When I was a kid, I played a lot of sports, and still do now. But I tore both of my labrums at different times playing football and wrestling, but waited a while to get surgery. When I finally started to get it checked out, the doctor said my right arm would not need surgery, but he said my left arm was torn pretty badly and would need to be worked on if I wanted to continue playing sports. This was not a huge deal, but then he also said that my left arm lit up the MRI. He said it was abnormal, but likely was due to a blood flow issue or something. I also told him that I had been feeling pain for a long time in that area.
                Well, after the surgery, which went fine, he said that he had to also repair some cartilage in my arm. The STRANGEST part was that he said was that he also did arthroscopic work on the part of my arm that lit up the MRI and found that there was a very small but palpable object embedded a little ways underneath my skin. He said that there are various ways an object can become lodged underneath your skin, but said he didn't know exactly why it lighted up that area of my arm on the MRI.
    What are your guys thoughts of this experience?

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  2. Never happened to me, but I'd like to hear about your experience(s) with alien abduction.
  3. I have not but I just saw you posted somethin along those lines in a thread lol. I would love to hear anyone's story about being abducted.
  4. i am an alien
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  5. Tell us

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  6. Did you really get abducted?...if its true,tell us man,what are you waiting for?..I would like to read that.
  7. Ive never been abducted but if I am ever abducted I dont want them to stick anything in me without imparting some sort of knowledge that will help me in life.
  8. do tell lol
  9. Can anyone else hear the X-Files music starting to play?
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  10. Pretty sure I saw a post a couple weeks ago where OP really believed they were abducted Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  11. Waiting on that story.........any minute now.
  12. yawn.    
    i can tell it at 12 midnight tonight. i might have to delete soon afterwards so you all better be online then
  14. Not everyone lives in your timezone
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  15. Exactly,right here is already 12:12 am.
  16. 11:15 P.M. here EST

    Waiting for the story
  17. I got accused of abducting aliens one time.....but I was just taking them to a job site!
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  18. I wonder if I'm an alien.....  I do a lot of probing....  
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