abcsessed tooth

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  1. probly one of the worst pains out there no sleep for 2 days maybe like a hour or two of dozing off since my brain is so tired and now going to work this suckkksss been doing the baking soda / salt with a cotton ball on your gums seems to be drawing out the pus and the infection so i can get this shit out of my gums. Anyone else have experience with abcsess teeth before wow it sucks, and no smokeing doas not help the pain just makes me happy with pain lol.
  2. Ouch, hope that heals up soon.
  3. I've had a couple. Until you get a root canal it's not going to get any better. It may quit hurting, even for up to a year, but it will keep coming back full force.
  4. i know thats what sucks about them its just i cant afford that shit right now and whats weird its the same tooth with a crown over it that already had a root canel i dont know how the fuck, isn't the pain from the tooth dieing and screaming at u

  5. It's not actually going to be the same tooth hurting, as the nerve is gone so you can't feel anything in it. What happens is another tooth close to it is hurting and you are feeling the pain on a different tooth. The dentist actually explained this to me once when I thought it was one tooth, and it turned out to be one on the other side of my mouth. Something about the way the nerves are wired together it can project the pain into different areas.

    And I feel you on the cost man. I got one done without insurance once and it cost me $1,100 dollars. With insurance it was still $450 or so.
  6. Got any pics. That shit turns me on.
  7. my older bro got a fake tooth beacuse of a huge cavity
  8. Rub whiskey on the infected area, it numbs it.
  9. Oh man that shit probably fucking smells. I bet people dont get to close to you now huh? My dad had a dead tooth once and my mom wouldnt kiss him until he went to the dentist and got it removed.

  10. i wouldn't say it smells lol its not dead yet its dieing though lol. I am probly just going to have it pulled its one of the back teeth so who gives a fuck cheaper to. These things get so painfull though i just cant beilve how much a tooth could make you hate every second of being awake i want to punch holes in the dry wall of my house lol.
  11. i'd keep that bitch clean as you can

    and start saving up for an operation of sorts

    medical and dental clinics for folks without a ton of ched or insurance usually exist in cities for relatively cheap

    you might get a guy straight out of dental school working on you
    but he'll certainly have experienced doctors around keeping an eye on him
    and i'm sure he'll know all his shit anyway.

    infections near the head/ throat/ neck can be very dangerous if they become infected.

    pancho villa died after he went on a three day bender following an infection from a tooth removal.

    shit can creep up quick.

    good luck

  12. Uh wrong, Pancho Villa was assassinated in his car, 7/20/1923
  13. damn sorry to hear that. hope you feel better soon.

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