ABC News: The New “High Class” Marijuana Subculture

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    ABC News: The New “High Class” Marijuana Subculture
    OpposingViews/ NORML / 10,5,2010

    "Ladystoner" is the new "stiletto stoner"
    (ABC News) “Pepper” and “Margot,” two twenty-something New York women, launched the “high style” site under their chosen pseudonyms after noticing a dearth of female-friendly weed websites.

    “The site is designed for women, but I think what we're really looking for is to convey the normalcy of this,” said Margot, noting that a lot of marijuana-friendly sites pair pot-friendly content with a healthy dose of scantily clad females. “Most of the people that we know smoke pot. Everyone is doing this and not everyone wants to look at naked women covered with bud porn.”

    She said the “man sites” are a great fit for their chosen demographic, but they're missing a big opportunity. “There are so many more people who are smoking who have, well, without sounding too snarky, taste,” she said.

    My wife has said basically the same thing on more than one occasion while reading my articles in HIGH TIMES. I am thrilled that more genres of marijuana websites and magazines are coming out – it's not a slam on the existing ones, with their buds-n-bewbs flavor, it's just a natural expansion of the business.

    Think about it – there is Sports Illustrated, with its Swimsuit Issue and there is Sporting News that's swimsuit free. Nothing wrong with either of them.

    In addition to the site being run by Pepper and Margot, the piece also mentions as an example of real-time, user-generated content concerning, well, the price of weed all across the United States in legal and illegal markets. is a popular iPhone app and the website now boasts a “strain exchange” to compare prices at the legal dispensaries in the United States.

    My favorite new site mentioned, however, is This site allows users to submit ratings and evaluations of marijuana strains, be they indica, sativa, or hybrid. Information that has heretofore been difficult to quantify, thanks to many different examples of strains from place to place, some whose genetics have been carefully controlled and some that haven't.

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