abba-zaba you my only friend

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  1. so today i go out to breakfast with my grma baked and there is a new candy store open a block away and thats no good for me lol. so i walk in they got everything you can think of and i found[​IMG] an abba-zaba i havent see one of these in so long

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  2. yeah dude you can get one at 99 cent store, at those places they still sell stuff that got pulled from shelves like mexican candy lol
  3. Fuckin love half baked. I'm pretty sure I know the whole script by heart haha.
  4. na not around here this is like a needle in a hey stack. the store has those old gum cigars and fake cigs and salt water taffy in every flavor- chocolate chip, hot n spicy, strawberry cheese cake im talking they got everything in this place. last time i had one of these was like 8-10 yrs ago... next to reeses there my fav
  5. Duude last time i saw abba's was when i worked at IBM, of all places... they sold them in the cafeteria, and at the little food shops..... it was FUCKING AMAZING.... last time before that, i was on a vacation when my parents when i was like 6 years old
  6. yes there rare as hell. the candy store is right behind my house basically... its great but no good lol. you gotta let em warm up a bit so they dont break all your teeth off but ohhhh my!! taste amazing like the perfect peanut butter to chocolate ratio with the taffy so you got the taste for a while and it last a longgg time

    edit : there 1.15 here but most candy bars are a .85 cent or a dollar besides reese cups are like 69 cents lol i know my candy prices
  7. I didn't even know they were a real candy bar. :confused:
  8. lol :hello:

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