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  1. So, a few years back there was this factory about 5-10 minutes from my house and it had been abandoned for about 15 years. Hardly anybody ever went here anymore so with a few friends we went in with one objective, find a room to hotbox.

    After 40 minutes of searching all 3 buildings we found an empty room with a locking door. This room is where we spent countless days just smoking.

    Anyway, we stopped going there a few years back because of a run in with cops there but we decided to return tree last week and make the place much better, we found some fibreglass chairs that can sit 3-4 people each and a small coffee table.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414577011.732472.jpg

    This picture kinda shows the size of the room. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414577093.658403.jpg

    Also the room is lit by candles and two lanterns hanging on a rope.

    I'll update this with newer pictures soon.

    Anyone else ever find a place like this?

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  2. Thats pretty dope man! I wish me and my friends still did shit like this. Be sure ta keep it low key
  3. ha awesome man.  always good times, even if you get busted lol.  
  4. That's cool! It's moments like these that you will cherish for ever! Me and my best mate did the same thing when we were kids, we revisited the same place about 15 years later (when we should have been older n wiser) and smoked up for ol time sake lol!
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    Been to a fair share of abandoned places.

    Seaview abandoned hospital is a popular one. Theres a documentary on netflix about a child killer who was from the mental ward when the hospital was opened. Alot of memories and run ins with the grafiti task force(main reason cops go to abandoned spots).

    Theres an abandoned railroad track below a overpass on my street. Pretty cool. You're under the street so it aint that bad.

    And in the security room of a closed western beef(supermarket). That was the sketchiest of all cuz we were in a room with no way out besides the door we came in and we closed that to smoke.

    I have recurring dreams of being in abandoned spots now. Usually ends up with me running from cops lol.
  6. The roof of one of the main buildings.

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  7. Don't go up on that roof lol
  8. That's s cool spot but seriously fuck that roof!
  9. lol i happened to take that pic on the roof.
  10. That's such a cool place....I found a creepy ass abandoned church and explored it at night with some friends, video taped it too.
  11. Never really had a secret spot to toke.

    My mates parents and my mum was always cool with us toking around put houses.

    They did once in a while bitch about the smell, but was forgotten about within an hour lol
  12. [​IMG]thats the building i took a picture of on the roof.  the cafeteria. 
  13. killer legends a documentary that just released has a part about seaview.  its actually the 1st entry.
  14. Me and my friends want to go and smoke up in an abandoned hospital. Its in the middle of town so it would be sketch as fuck.

    Plus you know, its an abandoned hospital. Fuckin spawn of horror stories.

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  15. My brother and I lived in an abandoned children's mental hospital for years
  16. Doooo it Lol.  Just watch out for cops, homeless bums, and satanists. 
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    Really? How long and what city?
  18. yes three years Pasadena CA
    Career bum
  19. You guys should check out this thread! http://forum.grasscity.com/general/622124-few-abandond-places-world.html
    There used to be a badass little abandoned hospital in a town close to me we'd explore. It's since been converted into a haunted house, unfortunately.
    There's another abandoned hospital in Nashville that looks awesome to explore :smoke: Like you said though, it'd be tougher to do since it's in a populated area.
  20. Did it have secret tunnels and if so did you live in them?

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