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  1. I think ab-soul is on top of the modern rap game. I think his lyrics are dope and his beats are great aswell. Anybody else dig ab-soul's rhymes?
  2. Yea man he just doesn't have enough new music. 
  3. Ya I definitely would like to see him release some dope new tracks.
  4. love him
  5. Peep my pic homie, ab-soul is the best in the game right now
  6. Lol at rap fans and gotta be the top dog. Why cant it be about making good music
  7. Yeah he's the best rapper around these days I reckon aswell, his verses are insane sometimes.  A lot of the verses he spits on other peoples tracks like Chance The Rapper or Danny Brown aren't as good though.
  8. he's alright. kind of hit or miss for me.
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    And its hard to find god, when you aint neva seen 'em
  10. Yeah he's dope I love the whole Top Dog crew


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