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  1. so i need help getting that line down the middle im guessing losing body fat% what are some ways i can do that( cant run, usually jump rope)
  2. You just need to do a bunch of cardio stuff, get your blood flowing, easiest way to lose fat. Crunches/situps will help too, but i'd work on losing the body fat first.
  3. well body fat is what contributes to the "ripped" effect" soo
    losing the fat and conditioning your core gets the washboard effect.
    so why cant you run? most fat burning activity. other than that
    research other cardio activities, any of em will be good.
  4. Use weights, lifting weights burns the highest amount of fat, especially the legs, also eat 6 small meals a day that should help increase your metabolism
  5. i cant run because my knee fucks up idk what it is but ive had surgery on it before but i can lift and jump rope alright but feel a little pain i do abs every other day. hmm whats considered a small meal
  6. Best way to lose weight: Google BMR calculator and figure out how many calories you burn a day if you laid around all day, then eat 500 less than that. If you exercise, then eat a little more so you don't kill yourself, just burn more calories than you consume. Also, muscle burns more calories per pound/kilo/whatever when at rest (compared to the same pound/kilo/whatever of fat), so start lifting.
  7. Anything that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat.
    So that includes sex.

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