Aaron the German presents: the end of obesity and global warming

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  1. Everybody should have one of those stationary bike things at home and be forced to ride at least 6 miles a day.
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  2. How to stop global warming, works 100% .

    Stop buying in to that garbage pseudo science.

    Environmental impact is real global warming is not.

    "Kept you waiting, huh?"
  3. Rather than assuming, I'll ask... what's the difference in your opinion?
  4. That's a can of worms. I don't have links on hand.

    However essentially Global Warming was a myth to generate income for certain individuals and the science presented stating the environmental impacts were based on shoddy calculations and bad statistics. They had predicted that in the 90s the world would flood. In fact they were adamant about it. They also predicted that the ice caps would be gone, also quite obviously untrue.

    They said global cooling and then global warming and now some other name.

    All stats have been proven false, I would encourage those with a brain and an open mind to research it for your self. I had a whole article on this I wrote 4 years ago but it's gone and so are my many many links.

    Now to answer your question.

    Environmental impact is extremely evident, from increased algae growth on reefs to oceanic dead zones, to thinning ozone layer. Solar radiation has dramatically increased. Ecosystem deaths are occurring and certain species are dwindling. Smog is prevalent in heavy industry areas like China , California, Washington DC etc.

    Air polution is prevalent in all major cities but especially so in India, New Delhi, Shanghai and the like.

    All environmental impact.

    "Kept you waiting, huh?"
  5. Oh and please remember, if an article, journal, paper has no sourcing or the sources source other articles not published by reputable sources then the information is garbage.

    "Kept you waiting, huh?"
  6. I hope global warming exists I hate winter
  7. I want to start by saying that I completely agree with your environmental impact assessment. Unfortunately, it's just not profitable to be kind to our home/planet. And sadly, money ALWAYS wins. This will never change until we get rid of money altogether and move to a different motivator.

    I guess I'm a bit confused on what your interpretation/definition of global warming is. To me it's a causal relationship. Some of the things you listed under environmental impact are related to warmer temperatures. And I'm not sure what stats you're talking about. Personally, I don't think global warming is a hoax or fake. The planet is definitely getting warmer. There's no doubt about that. I *think* when people refer to global warming though, the debate becomes more about whether or not mankind caused it, or if it's just a natural cycle of the planet. I believe the former. Rises in CO2 emissions almost directly correlate to rising temperatures around the world.

    But honestly, the global warming debate is not even really that important in the grand scheme of things. What is important is addressing the environmental impacts we are having on this planet.
  8. The whole global warming BS swallowed a lot of environmental impact data and tried to spin it to use that as facts to prove or defend warming. But the reality is the "science" behind the MANY theories of global warming are just flat out wrong...

    It's so poorly constructed. Seriously check the data.

    Same with the polar bears, used em to make a buck. Polar Bear population was said to drop to a few thousand by around 2015. Never happened. Instead it kept rising.

    Global polar bear population size is about 26,000 (20,000-32,000), despite PBSG waffling

    But despite the false claims, Coke had the ingenious idea to capitalise on this crap just like everyone else, so they started painting their cans with polar bears and raised 2 million for the charity.

    Sounds good right? Well Coke actually makes around 35 Billion in Revenue and 7 Billion in Operating income so where the hell is all the rest of that charity money?

    Because they generated around 43 Billion in 2013-2015 when that took place.

    Profits made, no shits given.

    "Kept you waiting, huh?"
  9. Maybe I'm just dense today, but I didn't really see an answer to my previous question. Let me start over... Do you believe that the earth is warming (regardless of cause)? And do you believe that the warming is the result of human activity?
  10. Funny how my joke sparked a discussion about global warming.
    That's why I do internet forum comedy.
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