AAAHHHH i broke the stem for my bong

Discussion in 'General' started by overgrowray, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT, fuck fuck fuck, this sucks so fucking bad i can't belive this. I got so pissed off that i didn't have any dope and all you guys did so i went on a search, and i found a roach from a blunt my sisters ex must of left here. Well i toked that up, got about one good hit from it, when i was putting my bong back in its hiding spot my mom came up behide me and told me she was sorry for knocking me offline, she scarred the fuck out of me and i dropped it, i broke the bowl right off the stem. i'll try to get a pic posted later. ok so does anyone have any ideas on how i could fix this, whut kind of glue should i use that can hold up to heat. Oh fuck i can't belive this, my fav bong damnit, theres no head shops around here so i'm about fucked in the ass. I'm going to bitch to my dad like a mother fucker and maybe he will give me a ride to the store so i can look for some sort of super glue. I wish the shop that i bought this at was still open, because then i could just get another stem for $5. I knew at the time i bought this bong i should of got a back up bowl and stem, i was going to get one with a 2 1/2 inch wide bowl. I'm so pissed i dont' know whut to do, i've never broken a glass piece before, i've always been pretty good about my bowls and bongs. AHHHHH!!!!!
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  3. hey the paper that the stem is on is a pile of deficiency reports from my school last year saying i'm just about failing all my classes, haha.
  4. damn that sucks to hear what happend. My bong has gotten alot of use out of its 2 years but i think its time i upgrade soon, to a glass bong :) ceramic sucks.
  5. Duct tape my friend...duct tape
  6. duct tape will do but if it gets too hot the adhesive will melt and get all gooey, and gross. i wish i could offer you a glue, i have one here as a sample from work and it might work but it's not on the market yet, and probably way toxic anyway...

    i hope you find a new bowl soon! they're not too expensive~

  7. ahh..I see Q has given you a new gadget to play with..
  8. i don't really wanna try duct tape, but your right it probably would work. My mom just went to the store i feel like a dumbass for not telling her to pick up some glue. I wonder if model glue will hold up to the heat. Chances are whatever i do it will break again i'd love to just pick up another piece but i don't have a clue where to go arond here. All the head shops i used to go to were shut down, theres a slight few open but you can't get in if your under 18, damn them. I told my dad and he wasn't too happy about it, i was hoping he would take me to the store but his truck is broke and hes all pissed about that right now so i'm just going to stay away from him. I can't belive i can't find any glue.... errrr i'm going to go be pissed off some more now.
  9. model glue might just melt after a while or turn your sweet bud into a foul tasting chemical smoke. You could always try going to a craft store and buying some fimo or crazy cheap potting clay and molding a new piece...stick it in the oven, set it to 2000 degrees and let it cook for a few hours..

    Hey BTW ray did yo ever plant those seeds?
  10. when the bong dont work break out the zig-zags heh, I got some you can use lol i sure in the fuck aint useing them :(
  11. i always have back up zig zags but i can't roll, i dont' really know why i keep them. I have a bowl, and a homemade bong, but it all really doesn't matter i don't think i'll have any smoke for a while.

    yeah nub i planted a few a little while ago and something green popped up but i'm not sure whut it is yet. i didn't think anything at all would come up because i just have the pot in a window. The door broke off of the growroom i have my flours in so i couldn't use that. I was hoping any day now maybe a few more plants would pop up but i duno, if i can't get them to grow right now i'm just going to wait till the start of next summer.

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