Aaaand Im Pregnant.

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  1. Hello Blades and Bladies
    I found out today that I'm with child  :eek: I couldn't be more excited, or more terrified than I am right now. 
    You guys are some of the first people I've told! My fiance is excited, my mom is mortified that something will be calling her grandma (but she's excited) and my sister laughed because I can't drink beer and I'm going to get fat, but other than that, it's just you guys! 
    Parents of GC, any helpful hints for some parents to be? and what are everyone's thoughts on ingesting THC whilst prego? I probably won't unless every doctor I talk to says that it'll be beneficial. I'm not taking any chances. 
    I want to tell EVERYONE, but I'll wait til I'm a little further along. (So I started with the whole internet  :p )

  2. :D ooooh!!! Congratulations! How exciting is that?! I have three little devilish girls aged 4, 2 and 6 months! I could go on and on forever with advice and tips, but for now (because i hope to see you around?) I'll just say enjoy every moment of your pregnancy to the fullest, the bad parts and the good, because you WILL miss them! [: Having a baby is a wonderful experience and its even better when you have great support. I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months!
  3. Congrats! 
    As far as using marijuana while pregnant..its really up to you.  People might throw studies at you showing that there is no harm in it, but its really a decision you have to make
    I don't really think it could be a good idea to smoke a lot while you're pregnant for obvious reasons..if you do it just take it easy!
  4. Congratulations! Say goodbye to sleep!!! My girl vaped all througout her pregnancy and our 2 year old daughter is 100% perfectly healthy. Alot of people will give you shit for it and I'm not saying you should or it's ok, only what I've experienced. It's totally your decision. Again congratulations! There's no feeling quite like being a parent!!!
  5. Check out Melanie Dreher.
  6. Oh, thank goodness you didn't tell your hubby it was mine. I really appreciate it. ;)
  7. Just wanted to say that just because there are a lot of studies out there that show no harm in it doesn't mean smoking while pregnant is perfectly safe.  Like I said, just use your judgement and don't smoke every day, I don't see how being high every day of your pregnancy could be a good thing
  8. Thanks for the love, everyone! I really am overwhelmed. I don't know how to prepare for this! We're going to need to get a bigger apartment many things to do. 
    Be prepared for me to ask all you parents loads of questions! 
    My mom smoked during all of our pregnancies and we're not too fucked up. I might if I start to feel bad, but so far, I haven't had any kind of symptoms. 
    What I AM worried about is the fact that I've been drinking. I drank quite a bit just last night. Is that okay, you think? Of course I wouldn't have if I would have known. That's gotta be a some what common, people drinking before they know they're pregnant. 
  9. Nah drinking just that once isn't gonna be a problem this early on
  10. And my little sister's response was gold. "...what are you going to do with it?"

  11. Most definitely shouldn't smoke your entire pregnancy and if you do smoke, use a vaporizer and limit it. Although it would be more practical and safer to buy or make some edibles. It's not the thc that's so dangerous to the baby, it's the smoke and all that nastiness. I never even considered using at all during my first two pregnancies, but with my third I looked into it because I had severe Hyperemisis that nothing helped, I was constantly hospitalized and lost more weight then I gained.
    It wasn't just once, unfortunately. I've been pretty intoxicated more than once or twice in the past few weeks. 
  13. Well, about how many weeks are you?! If you just found out, prob just missed your little friend or are about to?! So like 4-6 weeks?! Should be ok!
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    Hi!! I'm Mrs. Ironhead!! I have a hubby here on the GC Community... He goes by Ironhead. :) You should definitely go find Ironhead's Perpetual Indoor Garden and read our story!! :) We ran into your situation as I just gave birth to our first son on 4/20 :) of this year. He is approaching 6 weeks old & the beginning couple days of his life might have been one of the scariest I have ever been through!  But the first week of our son's life - my husband & I formed a bond that we had never had before!!  We all have opinions and feelings about this topic... It's a touchy subject. I suggest you reading our thread & I wish you best of luck in your 9 months of pregnancy!! :)

    Please - if you feel compelled to read our story in our thread, & you have any questions, please IM me. I will be glad to answer any questions you have, for sure!! :)

    Congrats on pregnancy!!! It's truly a wonderful blessing & so exciting!! I love my first little tyke so much!!
  15. Congratulations! Teach your children well. That way, when you retire, they can take care of you. Good luck!
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    How far along are you?
    I was about 5 weeks when I found out...
    Let's just say the 4 weeks previous to that?
    It was the last month of summer vacation....   :confused_2:
    I drank & didn't even know I was pregnant...
    When I went to the doctor, I asked her about that...
    She said it was too early in my pregnancy to do any damage & I had a healthy baby boy.   :metal:  :hello:
    EDIT:  I had a glass of red wine once in a while while pregnant, also.
    It was healthy & allowed me to take the edge off the whole pregnancy thing...
  17. Everyone I know who smoked during their pregnancy has a child with cognitive speech problems,
    not exactly science but its an observation I've made over the years. 
    That being said, I would just take a tolerance break. Cannabis is not worth screwing up someone else's life, especially if they're your child
    Congrats on the baby. I hope everything works out great for you and your child. 
    Oh, that makes me feel so much better! Thank you so much!
    Here is the link to Ironhead's Perpetual Indoor Grow Room.  :)
    Thought it might be easier to access like this than to try and go and find it.  :D
    Enjoy!  :)


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