aaaalllmost harvest time

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  1. So, at long last my plant is approaching harvest time.

    This is my third grow and my first with 400w MH during seedling and vegetative states and with a HPS conversion bulb during flowering (I think its 360w). When I started the seeds only one took and all I could do at the time was hope it was a female.

    The seeds were Skunk #1 I bought online when I started growing. I'd had them in the freezer for a year. Given this I was very happy to see this plant was very hardy and well formed (sorry I went a bit Poindexter on that). Anyway, after topping it grew into a nice little bush.

    Below is the single plant in the grow area.

    (if there is nothing below then I didn't post the image correctly)
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  2. *ahhh. success*

    With my last two grows I didn't really see the benefit from topping the plant...probably because growing under the floros wasn't as successful and all the buds were a little small. This time the combination of topping and tying down the two main stems gave me two big main stems and two big colas.

  3. The light really made all the difference this time. So, my plant was growing like wildfire, the only thing to do was to wait and find out if it was a male or a female.

    I began obsessively checking for a tell...lunchtime? think I'll go check the plant...dinner? wonder how that plant is doing...

    On the good side, the obsession meant I caught a very eeeeaaarrrlllyy sign my baby WAS A FEMALE!


  4. So now I've got this big-assed plant... as big a plant as I have ever had...lots of buds... six weeks flowering is the 19th and I am dying to harvest. Some of the hairs have turned brown but not enough to say it's ready...the trichisomes (sp?) have gone from cloudy to clear...

    I broke down this afternoon and cut off a bud and dried it. MAN! It was tasty! Incredibly active high (I sized all these photos and made dinner buzzzzzzed!

    I think I have enough fortitude to wait a couple more days. Still I want it to stay as cerebral as the sample was today.

    I'm attaching a couple bud photos...

    An early bud picture.
  5. A view of one side of the plant today:
  6. And this is the top bud on the main cola

    I'll post when I finally *snap* -- can wait no longer -- and chop that baby down.

  7. Buetifully Buetiful (SP). Damn If I could grow you better believe I would, but since I live by a big ass woods, Ill have to wait until spring time and plant some babies, and how to do it sucessfully... once again nice plant

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