Aaaagghh!! Paranoid?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by D9_THC, Jul 27, 2002.

  1. Woah! I'm so fucking stoned..... Me and my brother went to get stoned in the park, so we went and on the way he says "You don't mind getting arrested do you?" and I say "No!" and he says "Well, you might have to."

    And I didn't think anything of it at the time (cos i wasn't caked like i am now). But when we got to the park, I pulled out my bong and he filled it up. He took the first hit, and he held it in, and he gave it out and he didn't cough once. he smiled. then I filled it up again and took a hit. i coughed like shit! and i was spitting and i puked a little up too. i thought "fuck, that's harsh!" and he says i'm an amateur. pfft. so he takes another big hit and he coughs like shit too.
    so i laugh and he says, you cunt. so, eh then says, "shit, that's disgusting". and then he says he isn't having any more. so i say ok. let's go home then and he says. "stand up then" and YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. so i sit back down, and i swear he gets his mobile and dials 999 (the UK emergency BTW) i think shit!!!!!!! police!
    Then I sat there for half am hour trying to stand up, with great futility. and the whole time I think the police are coming and i'm shitting it, and then I think he's trying to kill me. so i get up, and we start walking home, and I keep thinking he's gonna lunge at me, and try and grab me, so i'm edging away from him. then he starts to say "walk ahead, i'm tired" and i think he's gonna stab me in the back! and in my head i start with this film-noir narrative in my head without actually noticing it's not real. ten i imagined some court scenes where the sick bastard got trialed..... i was shitting it, thinking he's going to kill me and bury me over in the park. and this kept on while we slowly walked back home, for half and hour, and as soon asi get in, i run to the living room with my parents.

    SHIT!!! Bad skunk!

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